Sunday, 13 February 2022

Budget and Portion Control

At the beginning of the month I wrote down a personal spending budget which allowed me just £7 per week for 'fripperies' like coffee out.  Yesterday, the grandchildren came to visit and I gave them £5 each pocket money which I hadn't budgeted for 👀 so this is what I have left for the rest of the month 😟......

Luckily we have nothing planned 😎 I don't give them money every time I see them but I need to make an allowance for it occasionally, I think.  This is a steep learning curve!

This morning I had a peep at my free mag from yesterday.  It's actually a Retirement Lifestyle mag and it's a lovely, glossy and inspiring read.....

I would love one of these gardening aprons but at £140?  I don't think so....

One interesting article is on food portion control using hands as a guide for some foods ie bigger hands = bigger portions, quite logical really.  But the recommended portion of cheese is just 2 thumbs size.  Eek!  I'm cutting down on dairy but in the past I would have happily eaten that amount whilst cooking.....

On a different subject, eBay have another selling promotion on until Tuesday with 80% off selling fees so another cupboard rummage is in order once I've finished the ironing.  It's so horribly wet and windy today that the towels and bed linen are having to be tumble dried...Drat....the energy monitor won't like that one bit.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x 

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  1. The company selling the apron is well named!

  2. It's the little additional expenses that really can de-rail a Challenge and a budget isn't it. Perhaps some of your sales profits could go into a tin for 'Grandchildren's Pocket' money ... just don't let them see it ;-)

    1. As always, Sue, that is a jolly good idea 💡 I really need to get to grips with making my monthly allowance last this year. I'm getting closer and closer to doing what my mum did and have tins for all spending! They do say the old ways are the best 😂

    2. Do you remember those long thin savings tins with the labels above each slot. My parents had one each when I was growing up and divided all the money into various sections for rent, food, bills etc.

  3. Freebie magazines great news :) Sounds like they had some interesting articles.
    Don't think I will be buying the apron though x

    1. Yes, Beverley, they feature amongst other things Joanna Lumley, Mary Berry, Elton John (not a fan !)

      No, I won't be buying the apron either. I would make one if I could sew in a straight line ;)


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