Tuesday, 26 March 2019

I Know When I'm Beaten......

Phoo (says I, blowing out my cheeks) it has been so long since I last posted that I have forgotten what I was talking about and lost the thread completely.  Since we last 'spoke' so much has happened.  We have had a horrendous couple of months.  A time so stressful that I thought we were going mad at times.  Regular readers will know that the park on which we live closes down for the whole of February making us all move out to pastures new until 1st March.  In the past, anyone ill and having hospital treatment, chemo or serious mobility problems has been allowed to stay upon production of a note from the GP.  Not so this year; the very year that G needed to be at home to continue his treatment. We paid £15 for a note from the GP (it was insufficient), we requested a note from the Consultant (who said that a GP's note should suffice) and we had to supply copies of the clinical notes in the end (what about the implications of a breach of the Data Protection Act?)  Slightly threatening letters were pushed through the door on several occasions along with a demand for a payment of £170 for the privilege of being ill at home.  We spent the first week of Feb in a hotel then came home because G had about 6 different appointments and telephone consultations during the final 3 weeks of the month, most of which we had to pay for privately.  The culmination of these was that he had 5 Botox and anaesthetic injections in his neck at the very end of the month. The consultant was lovely and assured us that G can remain on the NHS waiting list for an appointment at some stage in the future, although heaven knows how long the wait will be.  The Botox has helped with the pain enormously although the head tremor remains.  I think G is learning coping strategies.  At least he is getting some sleep now so is better able to cope, at least until the effects of the Botox wears off.
Me?....Since we came home I am sleeping like a baby most nights although occasionally worry gets to me and keeps me awake until the wee small hours.

We have decided that we can't risk another worrying February next year, as G's neck problem isn't going to go away, so have decided the time has come to move home.  We would love a new build, detached bungalow in a quiet area but that simply ain't gonna happen, so we are searching with an open mind to see what we can afford.  We have sold the beloved caravan (as G can't tow it any longer) and I'm eBaying like a mad woman to raise as much money as we can for all the fees involved in a house move (Stamp duty, solicitors, removal company etc) as well as to pay the hospital charges for G's treatment.

We are now ON A MISSION!

The allotment will be our recreation for this year.  It is now officially Spring!  Do stay tuned for allotment news in the next post :)

Stay safe everyone, wherever you happen to be in the world.  Thanks so much for popping in after all this time x

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