Sunday 30 April 2023

Songs That Always Make Me Cry

I have realised that some song lyrics never fail to make me cry, and I don't mean that my eyes fill with tears,  I actually end up sobbing.  The following have all affected me over the last week:

* In the living years by Mike and The Mechanics ( it makes me cry about my late father)

*Bring him home by Josh Groben (which reminds me that I haven't seen my son in the flesh for many years as he lives in Sydney)

*The movie in my mind by Eva Noblezada , from Miss Saigon, ( it makes me weep for all the girls and women used and abused during the war in Vietnam, as my daughter-in-law is Vietnamese)

And the mother of all songs to leave me in a pool of tears:

* Monsters by James Blunt ( it was written when his father was very ill but can be interpreted to mean all the fathers lost during the pandemic)  It cracks me up every time.....

What songs bring out an emotional response in you?

After watching James Blunt's video on U-TUBE (TWICE) I needed a comforting bowl of soup with hot buttered toast.....

Thanks for popping in and stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

Monday 24 April 2023

Alarmed or Not? And Frugal Doings....


(Last year's hanging basket)

Well, did yesterday's 3pm alarm from the government reach you?  Although I knew it was coming it still made me jump 👀 but it wasn't a problem.

As there was an antiques fair on locally, I took the opportunity in the morning for a walk in the fresh air and a mooch around the stalls.  It cost £2 to park for 2 hours and £2.50 to gain entry to the fair but I enjoyed looking at all the stuff on offer.  I didn't buy anything, because I'm selling not buying, but enjoyed the chance to find out what's out there.  I did succumb to a takeaway cup of tea for £2 but sat on a bench to enjoy the gentle sun and fresh air whilst I drank it.

Frugal things:

* I got a free jam donut from Greggs on Saturday whilst in the village ( and dropped a big blob of jam onto my clean top 😏)

* I had 3 small eBay sales during the week totalling £28.23 which has gone into the savings tin

* £50 from surveys dropped into my bank account this week too ( I heartily recommend YLive) but I'll leave it in there and donate a bit extra to the food bank when I next go shopping.

* We carried on eating the bits from the kitchen freezer, which is almost clear now of tiny amounts of this or that 👍

I can see that I have some veg in the fridge which needs eating including a pack of leeks, so leek and potato soup will figure largely in next week's food plan.  

Can I just welcome my latest followers; Tasker, Helen and Alicia.  I've been very rude lately and keep forgetting to say "Hi"......

Anyway, that's all for now.  Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Friday 21 April 2023

Putting Thoughts into Action

Whilst sitting in my car, drinking my free cup of Greggs hot chocolate, I was thinking....

...... if I can't cut costs any further, could I actually earn a bit of cash?  With the local elections coming up next month, I sent an email to the council asking how to apply to be a poll clerk on the day, as it's something I've always quite fancied doing.  To my surprise, I had a reply the next day with an application form to download and send off.  I posted it off and was amazed that, almost by return of post,  I was offered a job in my own village.  I've completed and passed the online training and have to attend a physical session as well.  To be honest, I'm a bit nervous but I'm determined to give it a go.  Election day itself is a very long day; 6.30am to approx  10pm (10.30pm once all is tidied away) and I'm not sure how I'll cope with that physically.   I can but try.

Has anyone ever done the job?  Any tips?

Thanks for popping in and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

Sunday 16 April 2023

Catching up & Growing On....

Gosh, has it only been a week since Easter Sunday?  It somehow feels much longer.

A big thank you to those who left comments on my last couple of posts, especially the ones with excellent suggestions on how to make ends meet.  I already do some of those things but some are new ideas which I can (and will) take on board, so thank you 😀

It's been much too cold and wet to do much at the allotment but one sunny morning this week we took the opportunity to check out what is happening there.

Our poor, heavily pruned Bramley apple tree is showing signs of blossom thankfully .....

As is our dessert apple.......

The forced rhubarb suddenly put on a growth spurt and has provided enough for some to be gifted to our Daughter, my Brother, a neighbour and 2 lots of delicious stewed rhubarb with custard for us.  I'd better leave it alone for a while to recover.....

G managed to put in some onions.  We've had to use a new raised bed to put them in because we've had white mould for the last two crops (grown in different areas too) which completely spoiled the crop last year.  We didn't want to risk putting them directly into the ground again.......

The strawberry plants are looking healthy and it will soon be time to uncover them for the sun to get at them......

G has risked planting the early potatoes, and has just sown seeds for beetroot, spring onion, lettuce and radishes in one of the raised beds so we just need a bit of warmth to get them going.  We have rain aplenty!  I can see that the feverfew we put in last year for the insects is coming back.  Does anyone know if we can actually use it in any other way? I've googled useage but would love to know from someone who has actually done it.

Frugal things this week:

* I've been using up bits and pieces from the kitchen freezer to make enough space to finally empty the garage freezer for defrosting (some quite creative meals!!)  This morning I defrosted it, dried it thoroughly, wiped the cabinet down and now it's switched back on to get the temperature down.  Later tonight I'll put the unopened packs of food back in so that I can carry on using up the oddments in the kitchen freezer and then defrost that  too.  It has meant a minimal spend at the supermarket this week 👍

* I've had a small eBay sale of just £3.25 after postage and fees but the money has gone into the savings tin and I have a tiny bit more space in my craft storage

* Washing has been dried on the clothes airer overnight in the kitchen rather than using the tumble dryer on 2 occasions

*Whilst I've been doing housework I've turned down the heating thermostat. Boy, vacuuming and ironing doesn't half warm you up!

That's all for now....

Thanks for popping in and stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

It's OK.....

  Angie 💓 xx