Sunday, 27 October 2019

Taking A Break

Oh my golly, it's been 6 weeks since I last wrote a blog post.  I can hardly believe it.  One blogger, who I follow closely, wrote about saving to move and remarked that she didn't want "a teeny tiny house" and that she could have one now if she wanted.  That's exactly what we are buying now simply because a) we have no choice but to move and  b) we don't have enough money to buy anything bigger or better.  Even if we saved every penny for the next 10 years, eating sparingly and not having any fun, we still wouldn't have enough for our dream bungalow.  It made me question whether my posts served any purpose and whether they were an indulgence of mine.  However, I don't want to just fade into the ether either like so many other bloggers so I thought I would, at least, post an update and my reason for having a blogging break.

We still don't have a firm completion date although a vague "November" is still being quoted by the builders.  I found out yesterday that our intruder alarm hasn't been fitted as they put it in next door by mistake.  For goodness sake,  how hard can it be to get a simple task right?  The walls are now plastered so I'm not sure I want the man to try to fit it now at this point.  We might wait and get a trusted engineer to fit it when we are finally there to supervise.

The household clutter has now mainly gone, either to a CS, sold or dumped (in the appropriate place, of course) with recycling being the main criteria. We are now playing the waiting game.....

I am still selling online for my Stash to Cash challenge and, despite putting money into several birthday cards, I still have over £80 left in the box towards Christmas, which will be a very simple affair this year.  DD has invited us for Christmas Day so I will buy the turkey and chip in for the rest of the food on the day.  Boxing Day? Who knows....

I will leave you all for now and maybe catch up sometime later.  I will continue to read and sometimes comment on my favourite blogs but, for now, stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be.  Take care xx