Friday 20 November 2020

What Do You See?

It's rained virtually all day today and the table lamp has to be switched on earlier and earlier each day. The shade casts a pattern on the wall. Sometimes I see a fox, sometimes an owl. What do you see?

Thanks for all your comments on my last post.  Once again I haven't found the time to sit and respond but I certainly do read them all so thank you 🤗

I have achieved several things from my list of 'to do'. 

My car is booked for its MOT with a small local garage for £45 which is dearer than last year but cheaper than the dealership. The garage is just a stones throw away too and independent so I'm helping local  business.

The house insurance has been renewed at just £10 more than last year which is perfectly alright too.

I now have a hospital appointment to remove my skin cancer next Friday 27th and G 's appointment is on 2nd December. We are moving in the right direction at last 😉

How are your plans going?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Sunday 15 November 2020

On Finance & Being Grateful

 The weather doesn't seem to know what to do with itself today.  I awoke to torrential rain at 8am, then the sun came out, disappeared once more and now it's beautiful again, if a bit windy.  I've done my morning chores, emptied the bin, put out the recycling, washed up including my flower vase which I used for my birthday flowers ( I just realised I never said I had a birthday on 1st November) and put on a load of washing.  Lunch will be a gravy meal so quite straightforward, then I can relax this afternoon.  G has the day off for once so we can relax together 😊

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  I do appreciate it.


Oh dear.... I began this post this morning and had to postpone publishing...... It's now 2pm, raining again and G has just gone off to the allotment and I quote " just for a look" 👀  I have no idea what he can actually look at because all our produce has finished!  I think he would rather be at work than relaxing at home!

On a different subject, yesterday I reviewed the finances after receiving a letter from DWP confirming that we have each been granted £100 Winter fuel allowance.  I never take it for granted and wouldn't have been surprised under the circumstances to find that we didn't get it this year.  At this moment in time, when people are furloughed or losing their jobs, I am incredibly grateful that we have the state pension and now the fuel allowance.  We are now on mains gas too so I no longer have to watch the gauge on the tank and worry that a) we don't have the funds to fill the tank or b) the tanker can't through to us because of bad weather.  We can relax and stay warm.  

Things to sort out:

1) the house insurance is due early next month so I need to get quotes

2) my car is due it's MOT on 15th Dec so need to decide where to take it

3) our energy fix ends at the beginning of January so I need to look out for a similar deal

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Friday 13 November 2020

New Specs at Last!

 Crikey, it's been 10 days since my last post.  Thanks so much for all the lovely (and amusing) comments 😂  I don't know where the days are going.

It's been a week since the start of the second lockdown and I think it's made me (us) lazy.  I don't get out of bed until 8 to 8.30am then sip a leisurely cup of tea while I alternately read and gaze into the garden from my reading corner. Then breakfast around 9.15am, usually cereal with fruit and a dollop of yogurt. It's always 11am before I can even think about a shower and going out for a walk somewhere.  G is worse than me.  He is Candy Crushing as soon as he is up and has to be prodded to move his ass.  Gosh, I must be so unfit and it can only get worse with Winter approaching. Just under 3 weeks of lockdown left to go...

One positive thing to happen is that we both managed to get an optician's appointment last week.  I had my sight test in February this year and never managed to get any specs. On lockdown the store closed and never reopened (with my prescription locked inside the store!)  Anyway, to cut a long story short I ordered new specs last Thursday and they arrived on Tuesday. Great!  

Question...who is that old woman in the photo ?? 😏

G wasn't so lucky.  He had an eye test and after further investigation the optician said he could see a little blood in the eye and has referred him back to the GP to test him for high blood pressure and / or diabetes.  Anyway, he ordered some specs too but they arrived damaged and so he's still waiting. The poor chap is convinced that someone dropped a clog on him 😒

I also quickly discovered, whilst waiting for G to come back to the car, that during lockdown there are no TOILETS open, a fact that I'd forgotten and I needed a pee!  The 30 minute drive home seemed a looooong way somehow.......

He has had an appointment come through to remove the carcenoma on 2nd December though  so, at least, that will be one of us sorted.  I'm still waiting.....

For years now I have been completing surveys on the Populouslive website and spotted this when I logged in.  My name is Angela G!!.....

As luck would have it, it's not me ....I emailed them to check 😢

C'est la vie...

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Tuesday 3 November 2020

With a Resigned Sigh....

Here we go again....lockdown for a month.  I'm not going to articulate why I think this has come about because most of us know why and I have an awful feeling that it will be extended until 2 weeks before Christmas so hey ho.....a new plan.

Thank you so very much for all the comments and good wishes (again) on my last post.  It must be quite depressing to read my ramblings right now so I am extra grateful for you lovely people for taking the time to read and comment 😄

This post will be a POSITIVE one!  (big pants at the ready Marlene!!)

Hopefully we are all better prepared this time with cupboards and pantries, fridges and freezers stocked with essentials to last the 4 weeks or even longer. I am lucky to have a food delivery tomorrow and also one booked for the following week so I'll bulk up next week's order as necessary in case of shortages.

I have just taken delivery of 2 new books delivered by post as the library will again be closed. I did check the library list for the Richard Osman one and I was 125th on the waiting list.  It must be good!

I have ordered a couple of Christmas gifts to be delivered by post too so I don't need to brave the shops anytime soon, even when they re-open at some point.

G and I will spend our time pottering in the garden and allotment (weather permitting) picking chard and calabrese while it lasts and planning what to grow in Spring.  Our seed order is on it's way and we have raspberry canes and a blackberry bush due sometime later, not sure exactly when. I will, read and knit as I have some yarn stashed in a box (somewhere) since the move, watch TV in the evenings only, make my Christmas cards and simply sit it out.

Our hospital appointments will come at some point so it's not worth worrying about them.  And my hair?  Pfft...I've been here before and survived 😅

Are you better prepared this time?

Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

It's OK.....

  Angie 💓 xx