Friday 23 February 2018

A Frosty Start

Firstly a warm welcome to my new follower, Jan. Hello!

This morning we have woken to severe frost. The view from the window normally looks like this...

But today it looks like this....

It's totally beautiful and sparkles like diamonds but, boy, it's cold.  The cold front is reportedly moving down from Russia and we are just not used to it :/. Luckily, we had a top up of LPG this week so we can keep the house warm.  I say "luckily" because the tanker can't get through to us in heavy snow.  How is it where you are?

Regarding my Stash Into Cash Challenge, I've sold another £2 worth making the total £3.60 so far. One of our neighbours has mentioned that she would like to buy some cards from me so I will see what happens there.  I always feel a bit embarrassed asking for £1 each from someone I know but it's what I need to make a small profit.  Watch this space.... 

Note: I didn't intend to put the above in bold print but can't seem to change it now on the tablet (exasperated sigh...)it will have to stay as it is.

That's it for now. Stay safe and thanks so much for popping in x

Saturday 17 February 2018

I have Internet Access!!

Golly, I've got proper internet access for today!  Yay! I really miss not being able to comment on blogs or to reply to kind comments on my own posts.  The tablet or hubby's phone just don't hack it for me  :(  anyway, thanks to all who commented on my last post.  It seems wartime rationing is in fashion in a big way, although I'm not sure I would have the patience to work it all out.  I heartily echo the comments Sheila made!

Welcome too to my new followers: Marjorie, Babs and Sue...hello!

Well hasn't our weather been all over the place the last week or so?  Today is beautifully sunny and dry which is a welcome respite from the snow, frost, rain and sleet we've been getting.  It makes me just want to hunker down wrapped in a blanket and read, and read. Trouble is it makes me feel plump and unfit.  Roll on the warmer weather so that we can get outside a bit more.  All the gardeners must be pawing the ground waiting to begin the Spring planting.  Only 11 more days and it will be March  (oh dear, I'm wishing my life away again......)

The good news is that I have been able to do some guilt-free knitting for the charity shop. One little jacket finished, apart from the minimal sewing required, and I might just have enough of the pale peach yarn left to knit a matching hat or bootees.  Decisions, decisions....

Over the last couple of weeks we have been trawling the charity shops in Bridgnorth for lovely things to buy and put on eBay next month.  There are loads of CS's in one street alone in High Town with some good quality stuff.  Does anyone else CS there?  I LOVE the Cancer Research one in particular.

Anyway, that's all for the moment, I'll share pics of my purchases in March. 

Stay safe and thanks so much for popping in x

Sunday 11 February 2018

Wartime Rationing Blogs

More and more blogs seem to be tacking the issue of wartime rationing but ,at the moment, I am avidly reading Sue's one A Challenging Year.  She is about to embark on living off rations for real.  I find that a very scary prospect indeed. Sue is eating vegan too so it must be doubly hard.  She is including her hubby too (a meat eater) so I can't wait for the meal planning and cooking to begin.  Brave woman!

Thinking of my Turn Stash into Cash Challenge,  I have made my first sale....£1.60. Crikey, at this rate my challenge will last until next Christmas! Next month should see a big improvement when I have more free time to list stuff so watch this

The weather here has been very mixed and unpredictable, even for the UK.  Last night's gale force winds kept me wide awake for a while and today we have sun and then snow alternating every couple of hours :/. Roll on Spring.

Stay safe everyone and thanks ever so for popping in x

It's OK.....

  Angie 💓 xx