Thursday, 6 May 2021

Thanks So Much

 Thank you all for your helpful and supportive comments on my last post.  You have helped me to come to a decision.  I plucked up the courage to ring the police and the officer was so calming and helpful and I've filed a complaint.  He did tell me that they attended that address at some point last week so someone else has reported her too and they would have attended on Sunday after my online Covid rule- breaking report on Sunday/Monday but had another issue to deal with and couldn't respond.   I also managed to speak to the lady who lives directly opposite the problem house and she has seen even more than me, having a birds eye view, as it were. She says that she commented to her husband that she didn't know how we put up with it.  She is happy to support my complaint if I contact the council and apparently the police attended the house sometime in March too, which I didn't know about.  Young Neighbour is skating on thin ice, I think.

This will be the last downbeat post, I promise.  

My next post will be brighter (if I can prop my eyelids open long enough to type one!) 👀

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

Monday, 3 May 2021

Neighbour From Hell Bullies Again

 Please excuse any poor grammar, punctuation or spelling today.  I am knackered 😴 

A week ago young neighbour had yet another party ,totally ignoring rules and keeping us awake until the early hours yet again.  The next day I tried to speak to her but she ignored my knocks on the door so I wrote a polite note asking her to please be aware of noise levels when she next had visitors because G had to be up at 7am for work.  She ignored it.

Yesterday afternoon visitors began to arrive in taxis and cars at 4.30pm. Great...I we go. At 5.30pm a minibus pulled up and 6 girls piled out of the house and into the vehicle.  Yippee! They were going out! By 10.30pm they were back; roaring drunk and LOUD.  Immediately the pounding dance music was turned on and there were screams, shouting and bang after bang of the doors.  We waited patiently until midnight before trying to sleep through it but couldn't.  When I could stand it no longer, I filled in the online form on my phone to report Covid rule breaking.  Yet another car pulled up at 1.30am but no response from the police.  I finally got to sleep at 5am, woke again at 6.30am, gave in and got up.  At 7.30am whilst making a mug of tea to help down the paracetamol to relieve my headache, a taxi pulled up to collect 3 girls who fell out of the house whooping and taking selfies on their phones.  Its obvious that at least 8 were at the party and 6 slept overnight.  I despair....she is a bully and cares for no one but herself.  Her baby daughter spends more time out of the house than in it too.

The gloves are off.  I intend to keep reporting her now until something is done.  Her behaviour is anti social and affecting our health at this point.

What worries me now too is how she is treating her baby daughter. Is she safe?

Sorry for such a downbeat post but I needed to get it off my chest.

Stay safe everyone x

Friday, 23 April 2021

That's More Like Me 😊

From this..... 


To this..... 

Now that's more like me 👍😁

Yes, yesterday afternoon I got my hair cut at last. Our daughter's friend is a hairdresser who works from home and although she is rushed off her feet at the moment, she fitted me in. I feel like a new woman 😁 She only asked for £14 but I gave her £20 because that's what I had been paying the hairdresser in the village and I was so grateful to have it cut. She's a lovely person too 🤗 There was only one customer at a time and she sanitised everything before I sat down. She's also doing a Covid test on herself every other day so I felt very safe. I've booked again for 7 weeks time. 

A big thank you to everyone for your comments and good wishes on my last post.  I'm still in pain but the warm weather is helping a little and your good wishes warm my heart ❤️ I have a new follower too. I can't tell who you are but welcome to my ramblings 😊 

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Second Jab Day

 Yesterday dawned bright and sunny, and saw us queuing in the sunshine to get our second Pfizer vaccination. 20 minutes later we were back in the car and tootling off to the local park to meet our daughter for a good walk and a coffee. I'm still struggling with hip and back pain so the walk was shorter and less vigorous than I would have liked but the sun and fresh air were so good. DD has now more or less recovered from the reaction to her first jab, apart from sudden bouts of tiredness and a bit of a sore arm still. During the night I found that rolling onto my left arm was painful and woke me up. This morning I have a bit of redness and a lump where the needle went in but nothing really to complain about.

 I've had my first foray into a couple of charity shops! The shelves were unusually empty but I did find a book for £1

I read two of her other books set in Greece ages ago so I'm hoping this one will be good too. 

Today is much cooler and a bit wet. Both the garden and the allotment will benefit from the rain as its been a really dry month so far. The food shopping is being delivered this afternoon so it will be a day of pottering, I think.

Enjoy your day too, and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x