Wednesday 30 May 2018

The Best Laid Plans....

You know what they say about the best laid plans ? Well, we never did get to see my Sister after all.  The day before we were due to go we had packed the caravan, packed the clothes, packed food and bought treats for my Sis and BiL then, at around 4.30pm, OH felt a bit 'tired' and went for a lie down.  Half an hour later he was feeling extremely sick and so dizzy he couldn't lift his head from the pillow.  He also had a very high temperature so I attempted to reduce that with a cold flannel but by 8pm it was obvious he wasn't getting any better and I decided to try to get some medical advice.  At that time of night I could only dial 111.  Has anyone ever tried it?  Oh lord, what a palaver.  After exactly 15 minutes and 3 seconds of answering questions (all the while listening with one ear to hubby's moans of pain)  the operator, who obviously had no medical training at all concluded that he needed to see a GP within the next 6 hours (2am ??)  Anyhow, she made the necessary contact and someone called me back within an hour and a half.  Bless him, a doctor did visit at 10.20pm but concluded that he had no idea what was wrong.  By then I had managed to reduce hubby's temperature so he was feeling slightly better although he still couldn't stand.  The doc gave him some Diazepam and instructed us to see the GP next day.

By some miracle we got an appointment (it's usually a 3 to 5 day wait) and got him to the surgery.  Still no idea what was wrong!  He now has to wait for a scan appointment to come through for his neck.  Heaven knows when.  Two weeks on and counting....

My Sis was so disappointed but understood why we couldn't make it :(

One sunny day last week we took a short walk down the lane for some fresh air and spotted a fat 'worm'?....nope... it was a tiny snake!  As he uncoiled himself to his full 6 inches in length we realised it was a tiny grass snake and he/she slithered off into the grass verge.  Where was his mum?  We didn't wait to find out! lol.

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with a more interesting post.
Take care everyone and stay safe x

Monday 14 May 2018

Sue & Col

I was so sorry to hear that Sue's lovely husband, Col, has lost his fight and passed away.  So many people in blogland have expressed their sadness and done it much more eloquently than I can, but I agree wholeheartedly that we must make time for others, especially family and friends. We are going to Suffolk for a couple of days to visit my Sister and Brother-in Law so my blog will be a bit quiet until we get back.  My Sister is 10 years older than me (they are both 78) and BiL is not in the best of health.  He has a great sense of humour and asked his GP if he could get him to 80.  When the GP said he 'hoped so!'  BiL told us that if we want to see him we had "better get your skates on" !!  So we are.

Stay safe everyone, 'talk' soon, and thanks everso for popping in x

Sunday 13 May 2018

Lily Beetles And Craft Fair Results

Janice from Jan's Jabber asked if the beetles I spoke about in my last post are red, as her lilies have been decimated by them.  I replied as follows:

"Yes, Janice, they are. Although perfectly easy to spot they drop off the plant when you try to catch them and multiply like mad. Hubby has tried to solve the problem by only growing lilies in pots. Last year he took them up and washed every bit of soil off the bulbs under the outside tap, then potted them up in fresh compost. It has helped enormously as you can see from the photo but we still have to be on high alert. Perhaps try digging yours up and washing them if there are still any bulbs left? I do hope so."

Perhaps the reply above might help someone else.  It also pays to look under the leaves and clean off anything sticking to the underside.  Good luck!

Well, yesterday was a beautiful day with a cool wind but it was lovely and sunny and it was the Craft Fair...yay! The turnout wasn't amazing but I made £13.50 after paying the cost of the table and made more friends, which was lovely.  I'll add the total to my Stash to Cash challenge.  It's going to be a long haul but the total is creeping up.  I'll soon need to buy more adhesive but I still have plenty of other stuff to use up.  Bob, the organiser, has a habit of snapping photos when you least expect them :/  I'm not photogenic at the best of times but I always look enormous in them.  I never seem to be able to dodge him! In this one I'm the one on the far left who looks like she's praying!

Anyway the total now stands at Stash to Cash £53.40  Onward and upward, dear friends!

Stay safe everyone and thanks so much for popping in x

Friday 11 May 2018

Walk With Me

It's quite cool and windy today but I took a walk around our little garden to see if anything is growing yet.  There's not much colour, everything just looks green now that the pots of daffodils and tulips have finished flowering....

The Photinia Red Robin is the only bit of colour...

But my lilies are coming on a treat.  I need to keep checking for lily beetles though, I already found and squished one at the weekend....

OOh...tatties!! (jumps up and down with joy) My illicit potatoes (Rocket) have shown their faces so need earthing up.....

I LOVE peonies and these are growing fast....

Already buds are forming...

And there are two big flower spikes on the Lupins...

These leeks were popped in last year and are at last starting to thicken, but whoops I must have missed some potatoes last year because I certainly didn't put any in this pot!  I'll leave them anyway and see what happens....

Last year's strawberries seem to have regenerated so I'm hopeful of a few luscious berries when the warm weather settles.  Isn't it ludicrous that we have to hide a few edibles amongst plants.  Illicit veg is a no no :(

I picked up this lovely pot of tulips a week ago.  They had already gone over but I loved the colour and the stripy leaves so they were a snip at £1.  The pot alone could cost that.  If I snip off the heads they will come back next year....

What's coming up in your garden?
It's the craft fair tomorrow so I'll be back with an update to my challenge.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend x

Thursday 10 May 2018

Exciting News!

We have had a really mixed bag of weather this week.  Saturday and Sunday were lovely. Monday was the hottest day so out came the shorts despite my horrible legs.  It was even too hot to sleep and yet next day it began to cool off and we have had rain, sun, more rain and now cool winds :/  the shorts have gone back into the drawer for now (thank goodness I heard you  I so envy Pam from A New Life In Wales who makes her own clothes.  She has some beautiful dresses.  Do you make your own clothes too?  Would I be better trying maxi dresses to cover my legs perhaps?

I have the monthly craft fair on Saturday so I'm hoping the weather will be dry so that more people might venture out.  My Featured Artist piece appeared in the local free directory this month and I'm quite excited to think it might boost my sales.  I still have a long way to go in my Stash to Cash challenge.  It seems to have stalled somewhat.  Fingers crossed for Saturday.....

There seems to be a new follower but I'm not sure who...could it be Barbara?  Welcome to you  anyway!

Well that's all for now.  Take care and thanks everso for popping in x

Monday 7 May 2018

Me And My Baby Brother

  I found this photo of my Brother and me which was taken in the back garden of the house my parents moved into when I was 2 years old. Mum stayed there until she died at the age of 91.  I suppose we must have been aged about 3 and 7 when this was taken.  My Bro looks almost as big as me despite 4 1/2 years between us! 

Today my baby Brother is 64 years old.  Where do the years go?  Happy birthday Bro.  I love you xx

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the Bank Holiday sunshine xx

It's OK.....

  Angie 💓 xx