Sunday 29 January 2023

Blogging Block & Final Big Shop of January

Golly but have I had a problem with Blogger. I have been unable to access my blog anywhere but on my phone.  Norton suddenly doesn't like the site and has blocked it saying it has a known problem. I have no idea what has changed 😒so I'll do a quick update to finish my January challenge then I'll have to take a blogging break as it's far too fiddly to write posts on my tiny phone screen .

Anyway, we tootled off to the nearest Iceland store clutching the remainder of the gift card and stocked up on lots of fish products, fruit squash, tinned rice pudding, ice cream and treats as well as a bit of veg and the usual milk, bread, cornflakes etc. By shopping on Tuesday, we requested (and received) the 10% pensioner discount meaning that we got £77.69 worth of shopping for £62.86 after all discounts had been applied, then using the gift card, it came to   £0.00

There was still £1.77 remaining on the card and I didn't see the point in making yet another journey to use it up so I popped back into the store and bought some biscuit-y things totalling £2.60. With the discount it came to £2.34 minus £1.77 left on the gift card so a total of 57p cash left my purse 😊

This means that only £2.07 in cash was spent on the January shopping and I have some Boots points left. To say that I am grateful for the vouchers/gift cards is a massive understatement.  They have helped enormously, especially with G's car service looming, and which has come in at much more that budgeted for 👀   The garage freezer has been topped up in case of more bad weather and G is happy to have lots of sweet treats to indulge in!

Reasons to be thankful:

Free food for a whole month
A healthy DD and family
The sun is shining and the bulbs are showing!

Although not blogging I will still be able to pop in to yours and leave a comment on my phone so please excuse any typos in advance!

Are you having any problems with Blogger?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


Iceland vouchers (won) £100 /  £100 spent       
Morrisons voucher (G's gift from work) £50/ £50.00 spent
Nectar points  £15.00/ £15.00 spent
Boots points £5.19 / 0.98p spent
Nestle voucher £5.00 £5.00 spent
Cash spent £2.07


  1. Wow! These are reasons to be thankful. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. What strange problems you are having with blogger or Norton or something. Hope it puts itself right very soon

  3. Shopping in January seems to have gone well for you. I do hope you get Blogger sorted quickly.

  4. Can't help with the Blogger/Norton problems, sorry. I keep forgetting about the pensioner discount at Iceland on a Tuesday. You've done so well with your no spend shopping.

  5. Hmm, no real problems except that every so often replies seem to go to spam, so I have taken to checking it every second day.

    You did very well with your shopping this month.

    God bless

  6. You have had a brilliant month, a good start to the year. I can't comment on Blogger using my phone it does not recognise me to my blog, yet I can write a blog on my phone, makes no sense.

  7. I've just noticed that my name is linking back to my old blog on your comment section, and it doesn't give me the choice to change it ... yes Blogger is very annoying!!

  8. You did really great on your January shopping and keeping your out of pocket expenses so low! Well done! I like your reasons to be thankful; so happy to read that your daughter and family are well.


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