Sunday 5 June 2022

Acts of kindness towards a pensioner (me!)

I'm ashamed to say that I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the last week or so.  I've been in pain with my back which meant that I have been unable to bend to pick anything up which I've dropped, nor could I reach up above my head even to dust things.  The pain radiated down my left leg causing my knee to feel numb too.  Painkillers only took the edge off the pain.  What the **** is going on?  Anyway....enough of the pity party 😏  Sorry.....

Acts of kindness:

1)  By using my O2 Priority app I can get a hot drink from Greggs each week for free and, as there is a shop close to the allotment, we often go there.  Last week I accompanied G just to get out of the house (not to work!) and as it was pouring with rain we went to get our free drinks.  G got his but mine wouldn't connect however many times I tried so I gave up and ordered a cup of tea and a pizza slice anyway.  The young chap behind the counter had witnessed my struggles and gave me my tea for free anyway.  Bless him for his kindness.

2) I have been trying for the last 2 weeks to grab another 'Too Good to Go' bag from Morrisons as the last one was so good.  6 times I ordered one only for them to be cancelled by the store each time.  On Wednesday night I got lucky and arrived at 5pm to pick up my bag.  It wasn't ready....again... so I had to wait while a young chap picked the goods for me. 

I was stunned!  He handed me a big box of food which I struggled to carry and had to place in a trolley to get to the car ......

I got:

3 kinds of bread
Cookies x 4
Muffins x 4
2 slices of cake @ £1.25 each
Ring Donuts x 4

Courgettes,, broccoli, parsnips, 2 packs peaches, 4 onions, 2 packs french beans, grapes, melon slice, sweet peppers, 4 wonky lemons, asparagus and baby plum tomatoes.

There was far too much for me to add up the prices as were were hungry and needed to eat but the value is stunning.  I paid £3.09

I know this is far from the normal amount of food you get in the offer but I shared it with my daughter, froze what I could and enjoyed the rest.  Nothing will be wasted and it has helped our food budget in a big way.  God bless the young man concerned.

I hope you are all having/ have had a great Jubilee weekend.

God Bless x 


  1. Think I would look at not being able to dust as a bonus!
    But seriously, hope you feel better soon and What a bargain at Morrisons.

    1. I do hate dusting, Sue, but it irritates me if I can't do it!

  2. You sound like what I had months ago with pain in my hip going down my left leg to my knee. My doctor gave my a muscle relaxer that worked after 2 pills. I agree with Sue about not dusting.

    1. Oh, Cheryl, you too you poor soul. It's horrible isn't it. I know that our GP won't be interested at all and will put it down to age as I'm 72. I'll just have to stick it out until it eases :(

  3. Oh I feel your pain ... quite literally in fact, but I wouldn't worry about dust!!

    That Too Good to Go bag/box was a brilliant buy, ,I think it's a question of getting one on the day that not all the yellow sticker bargains have been snaffled off the shelves isn't it.

    1. Thanks Sue :) I was really lucky with the food box as it should have been £10 worth at original prices and I must have had at least twice that amount. The two cake slices were not even reduced as the best before date was next day but he popped them in anyway. They alone would have cost £2.50.

  4. Wow that was an impressive amount of produce. The 'Too good to go' scheme is such a good idea.
    As you know I suffer sometimes with my back so I feel your pain. I hope it is getting better now.

  5. So sorry to hear about your pain - I had terrible sciatica (down the left leg!) last year and it took the longest time to go away! Couldn't stand, walk, or do anything! You received some great bargains this time! How lovely!

  6. That's incredible! What a bargain. It's so satisfying to find excellent deals on groceries.


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