Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Voucher Shopping

I had earned a £10 voucher from surveys so I chose an M & S one to buy food with.........

Today, after a jolly good browse around the shelves of the (very quiet) store, I chose these....

The salmon ready meals which we really like had a Sparks loyalty offer of 15% discount as had the soft fruit so I paid  £4.00   £3.40 each for the salmon and £2.00   £1.70 for the cherries.  This gave me £1.50 remaining for something else 😀  A YS cake @£1.07 and a pack of biscuits @50p clinched the deal.   I paid just 7p in cash .  Result!

Main Meal Plan

Monday:  Quorn escalopes, wedges, baked beans ✅

Tuesday: Cheese and spring onion omelettes with salad ✅

Wednesday:  Salmon ready meals

Thursday : Cod tray bake

Friday : Sausages, veg and gravy

Saturday:  Eating out for Father's Day treat

Sunday:  NOT SURE...

I might juggle the remaining meals from one day to another but that is basically it.

Breakfast will be cereal with tinned fruit and a dollop of thick yogurt, or toast

Lunches will be sandwiches, or stir fry (to use any leftover veg), or cheese on toast

G still has £7.50 in Nectar points left which we will use for bread, milk, TV guide (and whatever we are running out of for the weekend) probably on Friday.

Stay well and thanks so much for popping in x

Food 'bought' with loyalty points/vouchers:

12/06/22  £20.00

15/06/22  £10.00

Cash spent:



  1. Are you noticing there is less food in everything you buy, packet sizes are shrinking.

  2. Definitely, Marlene, and there were just 15 cherries in my pack too. Pack sizes are shrinking but the prices still rising 😕

  3. You were able to get dinner for two, dessert, and a snack for 7 pennies! Well done!

  4. great little shopping trip !

  5. You have a nice variety in your diet. I tend to eat what's in season and have salad every evening.

    1. I love salad and would eat it every day but G will only eat it once a week :/

  6. This is on track to be your lowest spend week EVER!! Well done. :-)


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