Tuesday 24 May 2022

Encouraging Nature & Home Cooked Goodies

As our bungalow is a new build on a smallish brownfield development, we wanted to quickly establish some trees and plants which would encourage wildlife into the garden.  After just 8 months we have done better than expected.  

Visiting the bird feeder on a regular basis so far we have seen:

a pair of robins, 2 blue tits, a wren, 2 magpies, a blackbird, a crow, the inevitable wood pigeons and a squirrel!  He is hilarious to watch as he climbs inside the dome and slides back down again, when he realises he can't get any further, just like he's on a fireman's pole! πŸ˜‚ We have a naughty little field mouse who nibbles on our seedlings in the cold frame 😏and two nights ago we spent a few minutes sitting in the dark watching bats flying in a circle over the garden, presumably feeding on the wing and gobbling up all the midges and flying insects.  I just hope they don't find a way into the loft because we wouldn't be able to touch them. The next day I sent G up the stepladder to check the loft for signs of occupation πŸ‘€ So far so good..... I don't mind them in the garden at all.

We are still endeavoring to be frugal with the food shopping and when I remembered a pack of ready rolled shortcrust pastry that I had in the freezer,  I popped it into the fridge overnight.  Yesterday I made a cheese and onion quiche with it as well as some jam tarts with the bits of left over pastry.......

My cooking is never pretty!  But it was tasty ......

And there was enough left to feed 3 of us for lunch today served with new potatoes and salad.

Whilst the oven was on G made a lemon curd ( we had no jam) apple bread and butter pudding which he had seen on the TV prog Eat Well For Less.  He is not a cook but it turned out very well πŸ‘

Thinking of the shopping, has anyone noticed that it's the Basics range of groceries which is in short supply?  I have waited several weeks to buy the 65p jar of lemon curd as the next price point was far too expensive. There are still lots of almost empty shelves in the supermarket.  I have struggled to buy my favourite washing powder as well as own brand crisps and biscuits amongst other things.  Basics pasta, own brand flour etc  Are you having the same struggle in your area?

Take care x


  1. We went to Asda today the the choice in many Isles was limited, and the price increases horrible.

  2. We have seen shortages in the USA too. Not everything, but a few things. The lemon cake looks delicious!

  3. We have had a few shortages here, but mostly I am surprised every time I go shopping on how much things are rising. My cooking/baking is never that pretty either. I often wonder how come the pictures of the recipe look so amazing.

    God bless.

  4. Your quiche looks delicious and so do those jam tarts and the bread and butter pudding! A few items were out of stock when I ordered groceries earlier this month, but, the last grocery order had those items, so I received all what I ordered. Prices are on the rise, however.

  5. That is a VERY good copy of the Jam, Apple Bread and Butter pudding from this weeks programme ... well done G.

    I think people are buying the basic lines as soon as they appear on the shelves, so many people are worrying about these massive price increases that the tv keeps predicting and that are starting to appear in the shops.

  6. Shortages here in Cornwall also, especially in cereals and pulses.

  7. I always think that if the family empty their plates in short order that is good enough me. What is important is the love that has gone in to the cooking.Jam tarts, quiche and lemon curd bread and butter pudding,wonderful :)


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  Angie πŸ’“ xx