Thursday, 23 April 2020

A Thank You, The NHS & The Allotment

Happy St George's Day!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post with tips and remedies to help with my cystitis episode.  It's always so much more helpful to hear of other peoples' experiences.  I know one thing:  it has made me a little scared to become ill at the moment.  To know that I had to rely on the 'Chinese Whispers' passed on by the medical receptionist and not to speak directly to either GP or nurse has worried me. I was born in 1949 and have known the comfort of the NHS all my life.  They coped with my childhood illnesses (of which there were many) my tonsil removal, my adult fevers, pregnancies, childbirth in hospital, my own children's ailments and those of my grandchildren with such care and smiling good grace so that now I feel sidelined at 70 and quite set adrift.

I remember my childhood GP 'dropping in' at home to see if I was recovering from yet another ear infection.  He would pick up the doorstep milk and bring it indoors for my mother, sit me on his knee and examine my ears gently.  He once held me when my baby brother and I both had Whooping Cough and we began coughing and retching at the same time.  Does anyone else have similar memories of home visits?

Anyway, thanks to my blogging friends I now have some Cystitis sachets in the house and some cranberry tablets on their way in the post.  I'm making sure I drink plenty of water too.  I dread another episode....

Now that we are unable to go out to buy gardening stuff like plants and compost let alone gravel for borders or stone for paths, we are concentrating on growing what we can to eat at home as well as at the allotment.  Just before lockdown we had ordered a mini greenhouse which was delivered a few weeks ago.  We decided to use it to grow some tomatoes......

If we are prevented from visiting the allotment at any stage, then we will have a small amount of home grown crops to eat.  As you can see G is starting off other seeds in there as well....

We brought our strawberry trough with us from our last home and the plants are doing really well.  The trough has a clear plastic lid to cover them up at night and keep in the warmth too.....

The Allotment

This shot shows the length of the plot rather well and how G has tidied it all up in a very short time ready to plant......

 We brought the old mini greenhouse from our last home to use to protect some seedlings now and G's beloved Canna plant over winter......

We have broad beans and cabbage under netting and some carrots, spinach and leeks in another bed....

At the very end of our plot I was delighted to find some strawberry plants!  I gave them some tlc and lots of water.  I have no idea of the variety, only time will tell...

G has tootled off to the allotment this afternoon for his daily exercise leaving me to blog and have a peaceful reading session.  I'll go with him in a day or two and take some more photos.  I'm sure we will see a big difference in the plants since these photos were taken two or three weeks ago.

Are you spending more time in your garden now?

Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. Your garden and allotment are very nice. We can't really work in our garden until the end of May as there is a danger of frost until then.

    God bless.

    1. Our garden is south facing and the allotment very sheltered so we are lucky in that respect.

  2. That looks like a really productive plot. It's nice to be able to pick your own veg isn't it.. and no supermarket queueing. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Cherie, I can't wait to pick our own veg later in the year. Better than any supermarket :)

  3. Sorry to learn of your recent ailment and discomfort, so I backtracked and read the previous post. It is unfortunate that it took so long for you to get a reply, but everything seems to take longer these days (unfortunately). I have heard that cranberry juice is helpful and hope it brings some relief in future. Thankfully I have never had a similar experience, and hope not to. Enough of illness now, the plants are all looking good and the strawberry ones reminded me of our own strawberry patch at our former home. As we are now full-time apt dwellers we can only admire other people's efforts and their results later. Also glad to read the food delivery issue was sorted out and made good, now to that corned beef tin.

    1. Thank you, Beatrice. When we were looking to move we almost bought an apartment but G would have missed his gardening too much so we bought this semi instead. The garden is small but we intend cramming some colour in as well as a bit of fruit.

  4. Oh, how exciting to grow strawberries! I haven't had success with them yet. Hope you are feeling better. Your childhood doctor sounds very kind.

    1. Oh he was lovely, Stephenie. And that was in the days a doctor actually had time to talk properly instead of rushing you off!

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