Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Healing the Sick

Firstly, welcome to Rose and Jane Austin my new followers, what wonderful names!

Sunday was our wedding anniversary.  Not an insignificant one, mind you, our 45th, our sapphire!  At the last minute on Friday afternoon we decided to take the caravan to Stratford for a few days as the weather forecast was looking favourable so we booked to travel on Monday morning.  Noooo....the gods decided we were definitely NOT going. OH was working on Sunday (fine anniversary I thought to myself) but I packed and we went to bed.  At 2.30am OH was throwing up and groaning loudly (so sorry if you're eating whilst reading this) so we were going nowhere....
He is still not well, the bug has completely knocked the stuffing out of him.  It's doing the rounds in blogland too by all accounts. Pam from A New Life in Wales has been very poorly too, poor soul.
Me? I've been doing my Florence Nightingale bit....

We have two toilets; bathroom and en-suite and I have had to confine him to using just the en-suite one :/   to try to limit the risk of infection for me.  I know if I catch it I won't get the F. Nightingale treatment!

The bed linen and night attire has been changed and washed immediately, the bathrooms disinfected within an inch of their lives, boiling water poured over toothbrushes, crockery and cutlery washed in very hot water etc  Small windows have been opened during the day even though the heating has been on as OH has felt so cold, but I need to get the germs OUT.

Do you have any tips on getting rid of germs?  Is anyone out there suffering too?

I have been unable to do any crafting as I don't want to risk getting germs on anything so I've spent the quiet time when the patient has been in bed reading, which is no hardship at all :)

OH has eaten practically nothing since Sunday so my meal plan has gone to pot.  I've been eating simply so at least the budget is intact!

Take care everyone and thanks everso for popping in.  I hope to have a more up-beat post next time x

Friday, 14 October 2016

A Nectar Bonus

Today is turning into another good day! I needed to shop at Sainsbury's today for stuff for the weekend and when I went through the checkout, scanning my Nectar card, I received this...

Woohoo! 500 free points worth £2.50 !  If you have a Nectar card and spend £10 or more today, Saturday or Sunday then you will win at least a guaranteed 200 points.  It's well worth remembering to scan your card, in my view.  To collect your win you only need to go through the checkout again before the expiry date on the voucher (in this case 30/10/16) Fumbling in my coat pocket for my keys I found a £1 coin I had forgotten about and I also had 56p left from the food budget.  I decided there and then to share my win so went back inside the supermarket and spent the cash on 6 items for the Food Bank. When I scanned the voucher my 500 points were added immediately....Win, need to use petrol going back to the store another time to claim them and extra for the Food Bank.

Today has not been an NSD but I've definitely had value for money :)

Enjoy your day and be kind to each other x

Thursday, 13 October 2016

It Comes in Threes...

Bad news, it is said, generally comes in threes.  I have found that good news sometimes does too.
I am happy to say that:

1)  I have sold 3 items on eBay and there will be £30 cash after deducting all the fees and postage costs.  It will go in the Christmas pot for gifts.

2)  Last night I had a surprise text asking me if I would like a table at the local drama group Christmas production in the village hall.  They are putting on a play and want to make the evening as Christmassy as possible so I can have a sales table for free, just a donation to the drama group.  That will be wonderful.  I am more than happy to donate a percentage of cash taken for my card sales and I can perhaps make some calendars and decorations to sell too. 

3)  Perhaps best of all....GD stayed for after school club this week for the first time :D  She still gets the collywobbles first thing in a morning but she must feel a bit happier to ask to stay for club.  To say that I am over the moon is a gross understatement....

Anyway, I will be googling ideas of things to make.  What sells well at the moment I wonder?

We had a lovely day at the NEC in Birmingham on Tuesday.  We had cheap tickets and took bananas to munch and some cartons of drinks, had free tea and biscuits from one of the exhibitors, then treated ourselves to a shared portion of freshly cooked cod and chips around 4pm.  OH bought an awning for the caravan as we will need a bit more space to put wet shoes and coats in when we are away for a month early next year but it was a considered purchase and a good show price which we have saved the cash for.  We were totally whacked at the end of the day but it was amazing to see all the new motorhomes and caravan models just coming out. BIG money though... :/

Today has been a NSD and I intend to aim for many more in the approach to Christmas.  My list has been made....well, a list of names at any rate....a tentative budget has been set, now to put my thinking cap on for inspired gifts.  I will be blog hopping for ideas!!

Thanks everso for popping in.  Have a wonderful evening x

Monday, 10 October 2016

On Crafts and TLC

It has been a gorgeous day here today;  quite chilly but sunny and fresh.  Did you all have a good weekend?  A big welcome to Jada, my new follower :)

The family arrived for tea on Saturday and the hot dogs went down a treat followed by carrot cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream each.  Last week I had invited GD to sleep over on Saturday as I thought it might give her something to look forward to and give us a chance for a girlie chat just the two of us.  She has been so excited all week giving a count down of 'sleeps' until the big day.  GS was a bit miffed that he couldn't stay too but he had a football match Sunday morning and I couldn't have got him there in time.  Anyway, I wanted to give GD a bit of TLC.  We went to bed at 9pm and took it in turns to read pages of her school book about vampires until we had had enough.  We then slept like proverbial logs in sleeping bags on the floor of the study (OH had the comfort of our one bed, lucky chap) and I did wonder if I would be able to straighten up again next :D
We awoke at 7.12am and sat with our morning drinks on the sofa wrapped in a throw until OH went to work at 8am.  GD, bless her cotton socks, then cooked us both a bacon roll for breakfast.
DD had sent 'just a little' homework to be done before we could have fun (thanks DD :/ ) so GD did that first so then it was PLAYTIME!

I had bought chipboard letters for £1 each from The Range so that GD could decorate them as she wanted.  One was painted blue for her brother  (note the table was well covered because I am a nightmare around paint!)

and one cream for herself....

then contrasting dots of paint applied.....

they looked lovely when dry....
A knitting session followed by a roast chicken lunch with lots of veg led the way to getting out the sewing machine and GD made herself a drawstring make up bag with very little help from me.

There's no doubt we both had a really fun day as well as a little chat about school.  I am convinced she is just daunted by the size of the school and the numbers of people milling around and shoving during breaks.  Oh... and she got 13 out of 15 for her last French test on months and days of the week.  Well done G!

Tomorrow OH and I are treating ourselves to a day out at the NEC B'ham where they're holding the Caravan & Motorhome show.  I expect we'll be totally cream crackered when we get back so I probably won't write a post tomorrow.

Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned, thanks so much for popping in x