Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas is Coming! FB Update

Just a very quick post tonight; an update to the Food Bank challenge.  Days #24 to 26 as shown and I have made a decision regarding the last 4 items which will be Terry's chocolate oranges on offer at £1 each.  At least a family will be able to share one of those :) Everything but the oranges has been taken to the FB in time for Christmas distribution.  The chocolate will be donated on Saturday.

Tomorrow is the Christmas production and fair in the village where I will have my stall.  Please wish me luck, it's at this stage I get very anxious in case no one buys anything!

Have a lovely evening and stay warm x

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Lovely Carbs and FB Challenge Update

It's now early afternoon and we have had a smashing morning.  The sun has shone and it's been cold but very fresh rain!  I popped out to get some food as DD and family are coming to tea but I still need to stay within budget so I bought a big pack (2.5kg) of baking potatoes (11 in the bag) for £2...

A pack of lovely Somerset cheese also £2 and which has been grated and boxed ready to top the baked spuds......

Two tins of baked beans for 50p in order to give a choice of topping......

A value cheesecake for £1.25 which should give 6 portions for dessert.....

Total cost £5.75 to feed six of us and there should be spuds and some cheese left over too.  I will start the potatoes off in the microwave then bung them in a hot oven for about 20 minutes to crisp them up (I LOVE crispy skins :) It's all a bit carb heavy but it will fill everyone up and the kids will have been to football and dance classes so they will be more than ready :)

Oh, and a quick update on the #30FestiveFoodBank challenge Days # 17 to23 as shown I am concentrating on treats at the moment and am looking for some reasonably priced chocolate to add to the box.  I'm still a bit behind but I'm determined to do it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks everso for popping in x

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Amazing Freebies!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.  I am not alone it seems in disliking the changes Blogger has introduced :(

Anyway, I was reading the latest weekly newsletter on and found a reference to some freebies offered on O2    Priority Moments.  I checked my phone, found the offer, accepted it and visited WH Smith when in town this morning.  I got a pack of 30 Christmas cards worth £6.99 absolutely FREE!

I told OH so he did the same and got these.....

Absolutely FREE! 

Another offer was a pack of batteries from Halfords, also FREE.  You can choose AA or AAA...

I wanted to share this as soon as possible so that readers who don't know about Priority Moments can get the free app and take advantage of any offers which appeal to them.  I tend to be slow with technology so Martin Lewis and team

Thanks a million! You are all ACE!
If anyone reading this can't make out what to do just leave a comment and I'll help as best I can, although I'm sure you are all much more au fait with technology than I am :)
Today has been a really good day for refreshing cold breezes, brisk walks and bargains!
Stay warm everyone and thanks so much for popping in x

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Stocking Up and Changing Tack

I do wish Blogger would stop messing around with settings.  I just get used to using everything and then...bam!...something either isn't there any more or a link is gone, or they have changed the layout.  Boy, does it make me cross.  Is anyone else finding things different?

Anyway, this week we decided to try out the new, refurbished and expanded Aldi store near us.  It is right opposite Morrisons so it's no effort to shop in one store for bargains and finish off in the other.
I sometimes treat myself to a bunch of flowers and these were just £2 as opposed to £3 in Mr M. They are lovely, lets see if they last as long as my usual purchase (around 2 weeks)....

We found this nice bottle of red wine too at just £2.99.  The one I usually buy in Mr M's is around £4.  The eagle eyed will have noticed it has been tested too!  It's very acceptable!!

Now, I've heard of Aldi's Super 6 but never bought any before as the local store used to be dismal and off putting so I never ventured in. This week we bought a bag of pears for 59p, a swede (enormous!) 49p, cherry toms 69p (Dutch), pack of 4 leeks 49p (to make lovely soup) and a bag of red onions for 69p.  Everything looks in lovely fresh condition too.  A pack of 400g of British diced beef was £2.75 and has been cooked today in the slow cooker. It has made 3 portions (one of which OH ate tonight and declared delicious) so 2 left to chill or freeze.  I added carrots and onions to the pot but could probably have added more veg to eke it out to 4 portions instead of 3.  I'll know for next time.  Aldi shopping is definitely a keeper now....

As the weather is much colder now I will be aiming to cook more warming stews, soups, quorn lasagne, veg cottage pie etc  OH loves meat but is perfectly happy to eat veg based meals on a regular basis too and it's so much easier not to have to make a veggie meal and a meat based one for the same meal.  Tonight I had a jacket potato with cheese and salad whilst he tucked into the beef but having 2 more portions of meaty delight for him tucked in the freezer will be a godsend.

I think I need to do a store cupboard clear out and make an inventory of what I have so that I can begin to organize myself properly.  I'd like to begin to stockpile certain items so that during the (usually) freezing cold of January I can rest assured that I don't need to go out at all if it's bad underfoot.  I have a dread of falling in the ice and snow and breaking bones now that I'm getting on in years :/

Is anyone else planning to stock up in case we have the horrendously bad winter we have been warned about?

Stay warm everyone x