Monday, 23 January 2017

Creeping Prices

Other bloggers have mentioned it and I am certainly noticing the stealthy increase in prices week by week at the moment.  Some increases have been 10% but others much more.  The tins of broken grapefruit I buy have gone up from 35p to 50p and the ice lollies for the GC up from £1 to £1.10  for example.  I don't know whether it's a drop in the value of the pound which is causing it or whether Brexit is just an excuse for a hike.  Will the pound shops have to be rebranded 'One Pound Ten' shops I wonder .... !! :D

When I bought my little VW car 6 years ago it came with the promise of FREE MOT's for LIFE!  (for my car ...not me!) Great, I thought, money saving at it's best.  3 years later my MOT cost £29 as free was 'unsustainable' they said.  I have just had an email saying that £29 is now 'unsustainable' and my MOT this year (and I quote) has "a slight price change" to £39 ! Now I don't know about you but I don't feel that a hike of almost 34.5% is a slight increase.  I know it's still cheaper than the RRP but still....I feel quite cheated.

Today's shopping came in at £25.57 which included a bottle of wine @ £3.75 as well as some Gaviscon @ £3.78, which I like to keep in the caravan 'just in case'.  There are also a couple of things for the crate of holiday groceries.

Total spend so far for January is £89.64

I really want to cap spending at £100 so there's not much left to play with :/ watch this space....

Thanks everso for popping in x

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Forgotten Loo Rolls

I saw these bows in the card shop yesterday, reduced from 99p to 29p. A bargain not be missed because I can use them throughout the year for birthdays.

Well folks, just 9 days to go until the end of the month.  I don't know how much further I can stretch the freezer and cupboard contents but I am determined to try.  If I can come in at under £100 for the month I will be pleased enough.  I forgot we were low on loo rolls though when I did the 'big' shop so had to go out and buy some.  With a bit of a juggle in Superdrug (the assistant was more than helpful and I didn't hold up the queue as no one was behind me) I paid £2 separately for these 9 rolls which topped my loyalty points up to £1......

meaning that I could use them to get £1 off the toothpaste so that it only cost me 48p....

I know I could possibly have bought it cheaper elsewhere but the poundshop had none and it suits my sensitive teeth.

In Boots I used loyalty points for a free travel size talc for the hols.  I don't shop in there as much as I used to as the local store tends to be a bit pricy but it saved me £1.25 nonetheless.

Total spend so far £ 64.07

Have a lovely week ahead x

Friday, 20 January 2017

Another Free Shop

Nothing much to report since my last post.  The weather continues to be foul with either a frosty start, which I don't mind, or several days of mist and fog which never lift all day.  Roll on Spring, I say....

Yesterday we did a top up shop in Sainsbugs and bought bread, Activia yogurt (8 pots for £2), handwash, value washing up liquid and some veg for the weekend. Two little pots of Limoncello dessert were on offer at £1 saying "buy me..."   I gave in and treated OH to a bit of lemon-y lusciousness :D The total cost was £5.70 and I used some more Nectar points so only parted with £1.70 cash.

I think that brings the spend for January up to £61.59 so far.  I am running out of stuff from the freezer to use as a basis for meals so will need to buy fish and meat next Monday and might have to make a meaty stew for OH to last him for a couple of days, just so that he doesn't feel deprived at all :)

How are you all doing with eating down the freezer and cupboards?  Any unusual meal combinations that I might not have thought of?

Have a lovely weekend and thanks everso for popping in x

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Free Food!

Yesterday we needed milk and a TV guide so I popped to Sainsburys where I decided to use some Nectar points instead of cash.  I bought milk, yogurt, cooked meat (for OH's sandwiches), rice, bread, tea bags, tinned fruit, Quorn, and a reduced beef in black bean sauce for OH, butter (for baking) cereal, a nice bottle of red wine and even a plain black T shirt for me costing £4. The total spend was £26.89 so I used £25 worth of points leaving just £1.89 to pay.  All I need to buy now for next week is some fresh fruit and veg.  I'll check Aldi on Monday for their Super 6.  This means that I can save most of the food budget for next week.

Total cash spent so far in January £59.89

Free food feels so good! :)

Thanks so much for popping in x