Tuesday, 31 January 2017

February Freeze

Just a quickie today, I'm afraid.  February Freeze refers not only to the potential weather conditions but the condition of my blog.   I will be taking a blog break during February.

I managed to see the GP yesterday and I have something called Episodic something or other  :?  I had never heard of it but it is basically Vertigo which comes and's to do with the inner ear.  I am no wiser now except that the condition usually resolves itself in about 4 weeks apparently. One down, 3 to go then.  My swollen thumb and painful arm are...guess what... arthritis and it ....guess what....comes with age.  Great, in other words put up and shut up!!

Our last bit of shopping for January came to £8.59 making a total for the month of £98.23 which is fantastic.  Target achieved :)

The piggy bank of £2 coins saved throughout the year spewed forth a respectable £80 for diesel.

During the next month we will draw the usual food budget cash every Monday but also have £68 in the kitty for our 'eat out' fund so are all set to go. 

Thanks so much for the replies on my last post (and for the sympathy, I am very grateful). Internet access will be sporadic during February so I might be able to read some blogs but not comment.  Rest assured I will still be with you all in spirit :)

Have a lovely month and we'll catch up in March.

Stay warm and safe x

PS forgot to say we have WATER! The main is still not mended but they are pumping water in to the system so that we can at least wash and cook.  Hurray!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Precious Commodity

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  It seems the GP service in some areas is great but in others pretty dire.  I still feel rough this morning, quite light headed and wobbly but I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at least.  To cap it all my right thumb has swollen up for no apparent reason.  The pain extends up my hand into my arm right up to the elbow and it's difficult to carry anything.  I'm a walking disaster at the mo!

Speaking of disasters...we have a broken water main in the village.  It has been spewing precious water for several days....

We had no water at all yesterday from sometime after 9.30am  The family came to visit in the afternoon and with 6 of us using the loo it became a bit of a logistical nightmare :/  When we realised there was a potential to have the water cut off we filled the kettle and a large bucket (for flushing the loo).  Boy did we need them!  Luckily, I already had some bottled water to drink and DD brought some large potatoes (already washed at home) and a tin of baked beans, I had beans and some grated cheese so we had a scrumptious tea of crispy baked potatoes with cheese and beans...yummy....The washing up was a bit trickier.  We waited to see if the water came back on but, no, I had to heat bottled water in the kettle.  This is noooo good for our food budget!!  OH managed to buy some water on his way home from work but I don't think I will include the cost in the challenge as OH paid for it and it was a necessary spend.
When there is a problem with mains water it often comes back on quite discoloured and gritty and I'm loathe to let it flow through the combi boiler until it has cleared.  Repairing/replacing the boiler would be horrendously expensive. To avoid this we don't use the hot taps for several hours after restoration of supply.  I know I'm likely to absentmindedly turn them on so I turn the tap handle to the cold setting instead of tidily in the middle where I like it to be :)

We don't flush the loo for a while either....

And I have refilled the bucket just in case....

DD brought me some HM leek and potato soup yesterday so I'll have some of that for lunch today with a wholemeal roll....

At the moment we have water, albeit a bit discoloured and smelling strongly of chlorine, but we have a slow flow.

We are so lucky in this country to have clean water at the turn of a tap and don't realise it until it's taken away.  Any tips on coping without water in an emergency?  What do you do?

Thanks everso for popping in.  Stay safe and warm x

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Our NHS, a gripe

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  It seems the creeping price increases are not a figment of my imagination but are happening not only across the UK but in Canada too.  I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg....

Welcome manicstamper, it's good to have you join us :)

The bad news is I feel awful.  Maybe I picked up a bug somewhere but I've had a recent cold which is now leaving me.... but leaving me with dizzy spells :(   It's affected my digestion too as I feel quite nauseous most of the time and the feeling kept me awake half the night.  Try as I might I just couldn't drop off until at least 3am.  Consequently, I feel like a wet lettuce today.  I tried to book in to see the local GP and the earliest appointment is on Monday afternoon! What is that all about?  A person could be dead within 4 days!  Our NHS has certainly seen better days :?

How long do you have to wait to see your GP?  Are children given priority?  A sick child could deteriorate very quickly if not seen for 4 days.  What is your experience?

Thanks so much for popping in x

Monday, 23 January 2017

Creeping Prices

Other bloggers have mentioned it and I am certainly noticing the stealthy increase in prices week by week at the moment.  Some increases have been 10% but others much more.  The tins of broken grapefruit I buy have gone up from 35p to 50p and the ice lollies for the GC up from £1 to £1.10  for example.  I don't know whether it's a drop in the value of the pound which is causing it or whether Brexit is just an excuse for a hike.  Will the pound shops have to be rebranded 'One Pound Ten' shops I wonder .... !! :D

When I bought my little VW car 6 years ago it came with the promise of FREE MOT's for LIFE!  (for my car ...not me!) Great, I thought, money saving at it's best.  3 years later my MOT cost £29 as free was 'unsustainable' they said.  I have just had an email saying that £29 is now 'unsustainable' and my MOT this year (and I quote) has "a slight price change" to £39 ! Now I don't know about you but I don't feel that a hike of almost 34.5% is a slight increase.  I know it's still cheaper than the RRP but still....I feel quite cheated.

Today's shopping came in at £25.57 which included a bottle of wine @ £3.75 as well as some Gaviscon @ £3.78, which I like to keep in the caravan 'just in case'.  There are also a couple of things for the crate of holiday groceries.

Total spend so far for January is £89.64

I really want to cap spending at £100 so there's not much left to play with :/ watch this space....

Thanks everso for popping in x