Sunday, 25 September 2022

30 Portions a Week Challenge & Finances Reviewed

I read during the week that we can forget trying to fit in our 5 a day portions of fruit and veg if we concentrate on eating 30 different types each week instead.  I don't even know if I can name 30 let alone eat them, so I'm making a list this week to see how close we can get to the target.  I've started off with breakfast today which was homegrown raspberries on top of muesli containing dried fruit with a dollop of live yogurt.  There probably isn't enough dried fruit to make a portion but eating a similar breakfast for 4 days this week should equal one portion I think.  We will have grilled salmon with mash and veg for tea tonight so let's see how we go....

From the allotment we are still harvesting raspberries, runner beans, cherry tomatoes and spring onions and soon there will be baby beetroot and more lettuce.  We have cleared the spent French bean plants away and G will dig them into the ground next week.  The runner beans are almost finished and we are hoping some of the big ones we left on purposely will now dry sufficiently well to store for next year's seed.  The weather is getting to be a bit damp now though so only time will tell.

On a different matter, a news feed popped up on my phone this morning.  It seems we could be in for 10 hour long power cuts in the UK this Winter 😏

Why, oh why does the media latch onto this sort of story and report it with so much relish!
Yes....we know we have an energy crisis....yes....we know things could be tricky when demand for power is higher BUT the media bombarded us for weeks with stories of energy prices doubling with the lifting of the price cap to the extent that people were so worried they had sleepless nights ( me included) Now (thank God) we have the new Energy Price Guarantee from October 1st which is fixed for 2 years and will help poorer households to cope.  The price rise will be more like 27%  instead.  It still won't be easy for a good many families but, hopefully, G and I will be able to cope financially and not have to resort to selling G's car.....yet!

If we do have long power cuts I'll be worrying about all the produce stored in garage freezer 😔 but I suppose it will be cold enough in the garage during Winter to stay frozen for some time, especially if it's quite full and left unopened. 

Today the sun is shining, G is at work until teatime and I have a whole day to myself.  Bliss!

Today I am thankful for:

A beautiful, cold but sunny day
The announcement of the Energy Price Guarantee
A whole day to myself to knit, craft & read

How is your weekend going?  What's the weather like in your part of the world?

Stay safe everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. THIRTY different ones - can I count cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes as 2 different things?? Now I'm growing my own veg I'm eating lettuce every day ..but it's the same sort of lettuce. Sun is currently shining although it rained quite heavily as we were driving to church earlier. I'm endeavouring to be sensible and not fret about power cuts. If they looks imminent, I shall start eating up the stuff In the freezer rather than rosk it being wasted

    1. Re: the tomatoes, I think they would still count as one portion Angela but potatoes count as one too, even though they are carbs!
      That's a good idea to think about eating the contents of the freezer if power cuts look certain to happen. Let's hope it's just the media blowing it out of all proportion as they tend to do.

  2. Look on the bright side - 10 hour power cuts means lower electricity bills!! Actually, I don't believe a word of it. The media are the biggest cause of panic and worry in the country. It's all so dramatic and shocking. Headlines like that sell newspapers.

    1. Yes, Rambler, we must always look on the bright side! lol :)
      You are so right about the media. They are always scaremongering to make money.

    2. But that only works because people PAY for bad news. I wonder why we do?

  3. 30 different types of fruits and vegetables a week will be difficult, unless one includes herbs and spices, I think. I'll stick to trying for 5 servings a day. I ate a banana for breakfast, today, and that counts as 2 servings of fruit for me, so I just need 3 servings of vegetables with my dinner!
    I do hope you won't have long power cuts in the winter! Is it possible to get a generator and have that ready, just in case?
    My weekend is going well - I'm relaxing, for the most part! :D The weather is lovely! We are having a mini heatwave! Today's high was 96F (35.5C) and I'm loving it! I love the heat and hate the cold!

    1. Bless, on further research it seems we can count herbs and spices as 1/4 point each.
      We hadn't thought about a generator but I expect they will be flying off the shelves as soon as Winter hits!
      Enjoy the heat while you can!

  4. The thought of power cuts is a bit alarming when I live in an all-electric home. The combi boiler is obviously gas but even that needs an electricity supply. If I had a little bit more space I would splash out and buy a small log burner, I do miss the one we had back in Wales.

    1. We have a gas hob so will be able to use that, though obviously the ignition spark won't work and we'll have to use matches. The thought of no heating is very worrying. Does Alan have gas to cook on? This is when a log burner comes into its own indeed.

    2. No, we are both the same, all electric apart from the combi-boilers in each home. Bad planning on our part. Now if we hadn't moved house we would have two log burners and an Aga running on oil ... nice and cosy.

  5. I recommend a camping gas hob along with several gaz refills on standby during power cuts.I have one in the garage, thanks to my former camping trips;
    They have electronic ignition, so no matches needed.


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