Sunday, 31 July 2022

Frugal Year on a Tight Budget.... Update


Are we still on track with our Frugal Year on a Tight Budget? 


No choice but to get the PC repaired last month.  It was either spend £73 on a repair or several hundred pounds on a new computer.  It had to be the former...

We chose to buy an annual pass for the Black Country Living Museum costing £35.90 for the two of us.  We can go as often as we like over the next 12 months and it will only cost us £3.50 each time to park the car (what a rip off price 👀)

A tall oscillating fan was purchased for my bedroom so that I didn't melt away during the heat wave.  It was on offer at £58 instead of £89.  A lot pricier than the simple desk fans, I know, but it has a timer so that I can set it to switch itself off an hour after I go to bed (up to 8 hours actually) It was worth it's weight in gold a couple of weeks ago and I think it will be used again soon.

There have been several birthdays over the last few weeks so scratchcards have been popped into the envelopes in lieu of a gift and our lovely Grandson, who had his 15th on Friday, was given cash and a gift wrapped box of his favourite cookies. He was well pleased 😀

£24.99 has been invested in a plastic water butt so that we can catch any rainwater and resist using tap water for watering the garden. DD shopped around for us and collected it from B & M.  It was around half the price of one from B & Q.  It's already proved itself by catching the rain overnight last night and the hydrangea has had a lovely drink.


We are still well within our weekly food budget and I have moved small amounts of savings to the account twice over the last couple of months whilst still keeping the fridge and freezers stocked with emergency supplies.

I applied online for free Bus Passes for both of us so that we can ride the bus instead of taking the car.  It was a relatively easy thing to do until I came to take G's photo for the pass.  Due to his Cervical Torticollis he is absolutely unable to keep his head still in order for me to take his photo on my tablet.  It was a case of keep trying until I struck lucky.  It took around 20 attempts but I finally got a recognisable shot!  The passes arrived after just a week.  Hats off to South Staffordshire council!

I have resisted buying any new clothes, shoes or underwear at all this year apart from my shacket and one pack of 3 Sloggis but it's our Granddaughter's 18th birthday party in September and I have literally not a clue what I can wear to it.  I might have to try to buy a cheap top to wear.  I don't think T shirt and jeans will hack it somehow....

We wanted to buy her a special gift so I have been selling bits and pieces on eBay.  I received another £3.31 for a small item today and have this afternoon listed our sleeping bags which we used to use in the caravan.  They have been sitting in their bags under the bed getting dusty so I need the space anyway.  Fingers crossed for a sale 🤞

Today I am thankful for:

2 lovely Grandchildren who still want to spend time with us oldies

A beautiful daughter who helps us all she possibly can

A gorgeous sunny day which has dried all my washing outside

A lovely neighbour who knocked the door and handed me a bag of local plums as a thank you for sharing our allotment produce with her and her daughter. 

How has your weekend been?

Stay safe everyone x


  1. It's been wonderful, thanks. I hope you sell the sleeping bags. That's a great idea. I just ordered a small cooler for the cottage. This time of year the temperatures rise. It's cool out on the porch right now. I am enjoying a cup of British tea, some shortbread, and the dogs.

    1. Oooh, tea, shortbread and the company of dogs sounds lovely :)

  2. I'm sure you know that it is very easy to sell books online via the Ziffit site (that's if you can bear to part with them)

    1. Thank you, Angela, I have used Ziffit in the past but have so few books since the move that I can't part with any more yet, A jolly good idea though.

  3. It sounds like you are still doing really well and staying on track. It's the being mindful and keeping tabs on what you do spend that really helps the most isn't it.

    I have to say I LOVE the Black Country Living Museum, it's on a par with Beamish and with the Weald and Downland Living Museum, all of which I would happily visit once a month, every month.

    1. Yes, Sue, we are having to think and weigh up the pros and cons before we spend on anything. It certainly makes a difference.
      Re the Black Country Living Museum: I was born and brought up in Dudley so most of the buildings are very familiar to me from my childhood, including Hobbs chippy! I think it will be money well spent this year. They are making vast improvements too with lots more original as well as recreated buildings to see. We've been to the Beamish Museum but not the Weald and Downland one. They are fascinating aren't they :)

  4. Glad you were able to get the PC sorted Angie. I haven't been to the Black Country museum for a while but always enjoyed going.
    And thank you for the reminder of the many blessings I have with family and friends and a sunny day xx

    1. Thank you, Beverley, it was a bit of a faff regarding the PC repair with the techie chap going off sick in the middle of it and having to fetch our own replacement drive! but we got there in the end.
      The Black Country Living Museum would be well worth another visit as they are putting up even more buildings this Summer. I think you would like it xx

  5. I'm looking at my diary and I think we will try a visit towards the end of August. Thank you for the suggestion x

  6. Sounds like you did really well with spending mindfully and staying under budget with the grocery shopping.


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