Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Where Are the Bees?

It's been so very hot over the last couple of days, really quite uncomfortable.   We don't do so well in heat and much prefer a moderate temperature so whilst G sweltered away at work over the weekend I stayed mainly indoors with doors closed against the sun and with the fan on.  Monday (yesterday) was even hotter so we both hibernated, only venturing out when we had no choice.  By early evening, when it had cooled a little, we threw open doors and windows to enjoy the cooler air which was lovely.  I haven't been sleeping well with the hot nights even just lying on top of the bedclothes.  As we are in a bungalow I am unable to keep the windows open during the night so have invested in another fan.  It's a tower with a whisper quiet night setting which I can set to turn  itself off on timer. I'm hoping that will help me sleep better.

Today has been cooler, a bit cloudy with dribs and drabs of rain, which was neither use nor ornament, but it enabled us to do a bit of work on the allotment.  Everything was bone dry.  I dug up a few potatoes and some  carrots and found this little character.  I named him Kevin 😍 ......

At home in the garden our mini cucumbers are flourishing.......

The first one harvested today....

It was delicious on our teatime plate of salad and there will be at least 2 more ready in a day or so.

We have been eating:

Lettuce, beetroot, spring onions, strawberries, carrots, cabbage and now cucumber.

I can't wait for the raspberries to develop 😜 and the Bramley apples tree is absolutely loaded with healthy looking fruit.  I am desperately hoping that the insects will leave them alone this year.   On our eating apple tree I counted.....SIX....apples 😭  No idea what's happened there.

At the allotment we have noticed a worrying absence of insects and bees this year. There are very few flowers on our tomato plants and the ones we do have are not setting readily. Where have all the bees gone? 😥  Today I saw ONE bee, two hoverflies and three cabbage white butterflies.  Oh dear....have you noticed a reduction in insects where you live?

Thanks so much for popping in. Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x 


  1. That is a scary carrot! 😄

  2. I think we have more insects, bees and butterflies, our garden is full of flowers, and next door is so overgrown, they have plenty of food.

  3. My garden is always full of bumblebees (about six different species) who live in holes in the ground plus the ubiquitous tree bumblebees. The honey bees come at specific times. The marjoram has just flowered so they are all over them. They like the mint and the cherry and apple blossom. We have several species of butterflies and loads of flies and other insects including damsel flies. Although we're in the suburbs, we back onto a secondary school with a large pond and wild spaces and the garden has trees and hawthorn hedges, so is very sheltered. Bees don't like wind. I grow lots of herbs and wild flowers as well as veg and this year we haven't mown the lawn as much so it is covered in white clover, self heal and other "weeds". I also keep water available most of the year.

  4. Oh, I have lots of bees, but I think they flock to my sunflowers. The birds planted them. Your cucumbers look amazing.

  5. Kevin looks quite a character! :D Your cucumbers look great! I planted a cucumber vine which isn't doing anything! I do have bees in my garden as well as wasps and butterflies!

  6. Kevin looks ... interesting!!

    I think a lot of the bees and pollinating insects will have been making good use of all the wild flowers and plants still available to them after 'no-mow May' so I don't think we have to be too unduly worried. Compared to the swathes of flowers available in fields and on road-side verges our little gardens will seem like slim pickings ... which is not good for our tomato plants though!

    My Lavender has had quite a few bees on though.

  7. Hello to Kevin. Sometimes vegetables can be little characters and bring a smile to our faces can't they.
    Our back garden is very sheltered and sunny so the bees seem happy to be here. Not sure why you're not seeing so many at the moment. Hopefully they will be buzzing around you allotment again in the near future x

  8. In my Cornish garden, I have many bee-friendly plants and shrubs; this time last year the big bank of Persicaria was absolutely buzzing with hundreds of pollinators, so many that one of my sons refused to use the front door in order to avoid being stung (he has an irrational fear of bees and wasps.) This year, there's not even one bee!!! I'm really concerned. My deep purple Buddleia had just 2 Cabbage White butterflies on it today, the first ones I've seen; maybe the gentle breeze puts them off. I hope numbers rise as temperatures go down over the next couple of days.

  9. Just to add - I also live in a bungalow but always sleep with the bedroom window open and these last few hot days & nights I've had all the small windows open and all doors throughout are propped open. I used to worry about safety, but no longer. I keep my phone near my pillow, switched on and feel thankful that this area is pretty safe and quiet.


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