Wednesday, 26 February 2020

We Have Sun!

Nothing much has happened over the last week, hence my lack of posts.  There are only so many times I can report wet and windy weather before everyone starts yawning with boredom. Today is SUNNY!
 and my little pot of daffodils is in full and glorious flower...

I treated myself to a couple of bright sunny cushion for the sofa too.  They have little bees embroidered on them...


Stay safe everyone wherever you happen to be x


  1. It's trying to be sunny here but the most important thing is that it isn't raining!! I like the cushions.

  2. Oh I just love those cushions. They are a lovely match for your sofa.

    We had the sun yesterday so today we are back to rain.
    It's getting on my nerves now.

  3. Those cushions are a delight, wonderful.


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