Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Charity Shopping Day

When we moved I had to sell or give away almost my whole book collection due to lack of space so today I felt justified in buying a few books from the CS.  They will be read and then taken back for resale.  The Miss Read ones were just 50p each and Erica James £1  I haven't read any Miss Read ones before but I have read comments about them being a gentle read, which is what I need for a while.

I also found this recipe folder which was still sealed in it's original wrapping.  It must be ancient because it's the St Michael brand which was Marks & Spencer's brand name donkey's years ago. Anyone remember it?  It contains a few recipe sheets and some blank sheets of paper which I can use to write my own recipes on.  Even though the pen was useless I feel it was well worth £1 :)

I can't remember where I got this quote from but I LOVE it!  It says it all for me...….

By the way, thank you for your comments on my last post.  Luckily, we didn't lose power but it seems many of you are very well prepared just in case.  Some sound advice there.  Were you in the Girl Guides at all? lol....

Thanks for popping in and stay safe everyone x


  1. I love Miss Read books and am just reading one at the moment. They are very gentle and nostalgic which you just need sometimes.....particularly as I have just finished reading the two new Angela Marson detective novels which were quite grim.
    Ha, ha.....I have two lovely recipe books which I could write my recipes why are all mine written on scraps of paper in a drawer. I think maybe I don't want to spoil the pages as although my writing is quite neat it is rather large and I would end up not being able to fit all of a recipe where it should go.
    Enjoy your books.

  2. What a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing it. I read some Miss Read books years ago and they are just like a warm hug. Everybody talks about comfort food, but I think comfort books are just as important and not nearly as fattening!

  3. The village school in the Miss Read books is just like the one I went to. I love them too

  4. One of our neighbours is an avid reader (and buyer of books) and lets me have a bagful when she's read them. I give them back when I've finished with them and she takes them to the care home where her mother lives. I almost never buy new books, I get mine from charity shops too.

  5. I tried Girl Scouts here in California, but it wasn't for me. Glad to hear that everything worked out.

  6. I have read several Erica James books and found them light and amusing. Just found your blog and will be revisiting.

  7. How about sticking your recipes which are on scraps of paper into your pristine books. I will reserve some Miss Read books at the library.

  8. I love miss Read books and kept all mine when I was downsizing and taking books to the charity shop.

  9. Love the recipe folder, perfect for squirelling away recipes from old mags and those written on scraps of paper. I gave each of my daughters one filled with family recipes when they left home.

  10. What a lovely recipe folder!! I was a Pathfinder Guider and Ranger Leader in our Canadian Guiding movement for many years.

    God bless.


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