Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Quick Advent Update

Just a quick post today, I have been really busy, so just an update....

Reverse Advent day #9

The lovely Pam from A New Life in Wales has been busy for weeks making dog beds out of old pillowcases for the Dog Rescue Centre near her.  I popped into the Oxfam shop this morning and picked up 4 decent ones really cheaply so I will post them to her.  A small thing but it might help...

And Wow! hasn't it been cold today.

I promise a better post tomorrow...honest :)

Thanks for popping in x


  1. How very kind of you. It certainly has turned colder, I have had the heating on a few times today.

  2. I am so grateful for this, I have exhausted the supply in my local charity shops, apart from the ones that want £2 each!

  3. What a lovely gesture, a good deed for advent, love it! x