Wednesday 17 December 2014

A Quiet Morning & A Bargain

I popped into town this morning fully expecting loads of traffic and a struggle to find a parking space.  Joy of trouble!  I don't know whether people are waiting to do a big shop next week or whether they are well prepared this year.  But I had an enjoyable morning and a bargain.  About twice a year I get a voucher from Debenhams with whom I have a seldom used account.  I have had this account for more years than I care to remember but the card gives me 20% discount at the coffee shop (useful for meeting DD occasionally) so I have kept it on.  They sent me £5 with no minimum spend so my 5 pairs of socks cost me exactly 50p!  I am really pleased with that and the icing on the cake was that I remembered I had a £5 gift card for Boots in my bag ( a reward for doing surveys) so I had a free sandwich and drink for lunch too.

I have had a lovely browse around town, dropped the bag of goodies into the CS and posted some last minute cards.  Now I am sitting at the computer with a hot coffee with a shot of Bailey's in it.  Simple pleasures :)

Advent Update

Day #16  a handmade Christmas card sold online and 100% of the proceeds have been donated to Help for Heroes.

Day #17  As my trip into town cost so little I bought some goodies for the Food Bank.  Thinking of the children, I bought some little boxes of chocolate covered biscuits, some nets of chocolate coins, some value toffees, a bag of chocolate pieces, a Christmas pudding and some 10p bags of kiddy mix sweets.
Day #18  (I am paying this in advance as tomorrow will be spent entirely with FiL)  The gift is 2 boxes of mince pies for the Food Bank trolley.
Have a lovely day everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Great bargain, I have had a bumper month on my survey sites, I had £98 in paypal and vouchers, I will be trying to beat this next year.

  2. Just blog hopping, found your name and hopped onto your page. That Debenhams card sounds useful, we only go to Ipswich where Debenhams is about 6 times a year but it might be an idea to try

  3. Brilliant a good trip out and hardly any cost, a win, win situation :)
    Twiggy x


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