Sunday 14 December 2014

The Christmas Story Quilted Panel

It's a little warmer today but I am still inclined to stay indoors and it will be a good time to do a little sewing.  All my handmade cards are done, so today will be spent on adding little beads to my quilted Christmas panel.  The washing is in, the fire is on and so is the kettle. Time for fun!

This is the first time I have done something like this and I'm pretty rubbish at sewing but I just love the look of this panel.

I'm not sure where to begin but perhaps with red beads as the holly berries at the bottom of this picture...

The Angel definitely needs a bit of sparkle doesn't she, perhaps on the heavenly bugle to begin with then on her dress....

I love the look of the shepherds with their 'over the top' beards, almost as if they are in disguise :)

I have backed the panel with plain material but this does give you a glimpse of my dog-leg machining...sigh....however hard I try my sewing looks like that of a seven year old!  At least the back won't be seen when it's hanging up.  Although I basted it all together before sewing the layers I found it quite hard to get it all smooth and flat.  Does anyone have any tips to help please? If I struggled with this then a bed size quilt will be impossible! It will all need a bit of a steam press when I've finished too, I think.  At least I am enjoying the creativity and my grandchildren won't be in the least bit critical :)

Reverse Advent gift #14  is cotton gloves & cuticle sticks which is going in the bag for the CS

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. I try to stick the backing down on table or floor, depending on size, I use masking tape. Then I lay the wadding down ,smooth it out and tape that. Then I spray the top with starch and give it a good press and smooth that down and tape. Then I pin from the middle out and when ready to sew I do that from the middle , unless I am free motion quilting, then I just work in roughly square blocks from left to right, top to bottom. I find it uncomfortable, hot sticky, arm aching, back killing work. That is why I am going to have a quilting frame next year.

    1. Crumbs, Pam, what a palaver, but thanks for the tips. I can certainly see the sense in using spray starch but I might have to stick with the small things :)

  2. Your sewing is fine Angie, if I can do a big quilt so can you, it just takes a bit of time. You have given me another idea for next year now, I think I will be looking out for panel and doing the same, great idea. Please show us what you do to finish it off.


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