Saturday 6 December 2014

Washing Powder Test Results & Advent Update

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In October I began an experiment to see if I am using too much washing powder per wash.  Remember this?

I marked the lid every time I did a load of washing and I am dismayed to find that I got this many loads done before I ran out. .....

Only 48.   48..... I ask you!  I am definitely using too much because with mindful use of detergent I have only stretched the box by a paltry 3 more loads.  This means that I have saved only 1p per load.  The phrase 'must try harder' springs to mind :-\

Today's Reverse Advent item is this...,

This DVD plus a couple of books are going to the CS on Advent day #6  Rather than take one item to the CS at a time I am going to pop them into a bag and drop them off once a week.  It seems silly making a special journey each time when I have to drive there.

I am enjoying immensely reading other peoples blogs in which they talk about their gifts . Frugal Queen, Sue and others are giving away some lovely items. It's fantastic.  I wish I could be a bit more creative in my giving but there's time yet...As I won't be going out tomorrow I am also making Advent #7 a gift to the Foodbank.  I have 3 items to donate but will buy another couple of things later to add to them. 

How is your Streetbank Advent going?  If you are taking part I would love to hear about it.  I need INSPIRATION!

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  1. We use persil small and mighty because everyone is sensitive, we usually go to a discount store and buy the giant size, but I think next time I start one I will do the same, I never put in the full amount, it will be interesting to see the outcome.

  2. I use whatever liquid is on offer & at the largest size. I've never kept a record of how many washes but I might do now as I always use less than the recommended amount.

  3. Thank you both for your posts. It would be interesting to see how you both get on with testing the liquids because I was always sure I was using as little as possible but I have been proved wrong. Do let us know!

  4. I only use half the recommended amount, I use Almat from Aldi or whatever is on offer elsewhere if it is cheaper. However one lady I knew had sensitive skin and she never used any washing product in her machine and her clothes always looked pristine.

  5. Thanks for your post, Pam. That's interesting to know that someone uses just water to wash her clothes in. I suppose hot water could work just as well on it's own. Perhaps it's the fresh smell of powder or liquid that we like. It's certainly an incentive to use a minimal amount.


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