Sunday 7 December 2014

Affordable Gift Ideas

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Northern mum down South, Pam & Bonnie Frame.  I hope todays post will not be too boring and put you off!  But...

Over the last few days I have been thinking about when we were broke, the kids were small and we still wanted to celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to others.  I remember the agony of indecision, spending as little as possible but wanting the gifts to look decent.  Poundland and the like (other pound shops are available :) were not around then.  Probably Woolworths was the equivalent at that time.  Now they have some super stuff for affordable gifts.  The lovely baking book, paper cases and even a little set of scales were all £1 each and would make a great gift for a budding cook (or new money saver) Popped in a gift bag (3 for a pound in the card shop) they would look very presentable.  I notice that there is a new book out now too for celebration cakes.  It might be a bit ambitious for me though...the incompetent cook ;)  ....maybe great for others.

Add these serving tongs to bulk it out if you like, also £1 in various colours....

They also sell wool. There are not many colours to choose from but these lovely sparkly DK yarns are on 3 for 2 at the moment.  £2 for 3 balls make a great gift for a crafter or charity knitter (pop in a gift bag!)  Great for knitting gloves with....

I spotted these in Aldi when we took dear FiL shopping.  £3.99 for 750g  Great for giving to a family, a teenage boy (my son would have loved them, he could eat for England) or any man in the family who is tired of getting socks.

I also saw some lovely photo frames for £1.  One of my favourite gifts of all time was from my best friend.  For our Ruby Anniversary she gave me a photo frame with a black & white photo of us and our Best Man on our wedding day. It's lovely...

This particular frame isn't available in the pound shops but there were some pretty ones which could have been decorated with gems and/or flowers to make them special.

There were also some super mugs for £1 which could be filled with wrapped sweets and popped in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon.

 I apologise if this post is boring to the well organised but it just might help someone out there who is struggling for ideas.  Has anyone else bought some bargain gifts? Any tips much appreciated

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  1. I love the Jane Asher range in poundland, you can get some good quality end of line products in there, like you say you can easily give a gift nowadays, which looks like it cost a lot more than you paid for it, there are so many bargains out there.

  2. I think you can find some wonderful things in the pound shops now & I actually miss Woolworths at Christmas. I've got quite a few socks from the pound shop near me for Christmas presents for people this year & for stocking filers for the kids.

    1. Yes, they have great socks, don't they, hats & scarves too. You would never guess they were only £1


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