Friday 12 December 2014

Reason For Absence

I had quite an upsetting start to the day yesterday which so deflated me that I couldn't summon up the oomph to post anything.

There are a good many cats in our local area who generally avoid each other and rub along ok but sometimes, especially at night, we hear the hiss and screech of a couple of them having a quick spat.  Well yesterday morning we heard something but couldn't pinpoint where it came from.  We looked through windows to no avail but I had my PJ's on and didn't go out.  A short time later a neighbour rang the doorbell to say that her cat was lying dead beside our shed.  Apparently someone had seen a black cat which they didn't recognise and which had 'had a go' at the poor cat now lying in our garden.  There were no apparent injuries so the owner thinks he might have had a heart attack during the stand off. Never before have I heard of one cat killing another.  I felt so sad at the poor little body lying there, but wonder if my going outside in my night attire would have made any difference to the outcome.  I hope desperately that it would not have.

We went about our day as usual and took FiL out to lunch but we would have done that anyway so I will not count it as my Advent gift for yesterday.  I therefore owe 2 days worth including today and will try to make it up tomorrow somehow.

I do hope everyone is warm and safe after the terrible rain, wind and waves in the North.  Have you suffered any damage to your home or garden?  Did you have any power cuts?  I hope this is not the start of a hard winter.  Rain I can cope with but snow and ice noooo.........

Take care dear readers and thank you so much for popping in x


  1. How awful, so upsetting for you. If hate hearing cats fight, it sounds so vicious. I doubt if you going out would have made a difference x

  2. I would be feeling the same, I have always had a soft spot for animals, take care, big hugs x


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