Friday, 12 August 2022

Energy Campaign Good Idea ? or Plain Daft?

 I really don't understand the current urge for people to cancel their Direct Debits for energy bills in protest at the rising cost of Gas and Electricity.  I can see 3 major flaws in this:

1)  As soon as you cancel your DD you will be placed on an even  higher cost tariff,

2) Imagine the worry as the unpaid bill grows and grows (not just the extra amount you can't afford but the full amount)

3) Steps will be taken to recover the money eventually and this will surely affect your credit rating?  What if your circumstances change for the better at some time in the future and it has affected your chances of getting a mortgage?

A certain Ms Hopkins has taken to tiktok to add fuel to the fire (pardon the pun)  I suggest you Google her net worth before taking any notice of her opinions 😏

What do you think about this campaign?  I must admit that it's made me very uneasy for the welfare of vulnerable people.  Is it a good idea? ❌Or plain daft? ✅

I didn't really want to comment on the hot weather again but I can't help it.

 It's Too Bloomin' Hot 😝

Hopefully, if we can survive the next 48 hours it will begin to cool off and we might get some much needed rain next week.  Our garden and allotment are suffering badly and we have lost a lot of vegetables in the heat.  The only thing we have been harvesting is climbing French beans.  The runner beans, tomatoes and raspberries have stopped growing.  How is your garden doing?

Stay safe everyone x


  1. Our garden is failing, just too hot and dry. I agree it's foolhardy to cancel your DD for gas and electricity, it's a stupid way to protest.

  2. It's 96F (35.5 C) here, right now. But, that is normal for our summer. No rain, of course, but, that is also normal. We are in a major drought and have watering restrictions in place, so the garden is not doing too well. I think rising prices for fuel, electricity, and water are just a fact of life.

  3. Beans have shrivelled and died. Tomatoes growing OK. Courgettes have stopped. Standing in a washing up bowl in the shower then using the water for my crops. Nonpayment seems an unsatisfactory way to protest imho, for the reasons you have listed.


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