Monday 1 November 2021

Another Year Lived

 Today is my birthday. I find it hard to believe that I'm 72 years old already 😱 DD and the family came to visit on Saturday and Son in Law fitted a security light up for us in the back garden. Now we are more countryside than town it's quite dark in the garden at night and I don't want to be tripping up when I go out to the bins. I have fancied a big open faced clock in the kitchen, placed above the table, ever since I saw theirs in the garden, so they bought me one as a surprise birthday present. It's a lovely 'rubbed' silver colour wlth black hands and I love it. No excuses now to be late for anything!

I really want to start getting involved in village life as I rarely go out other than on errands so I've been trying to track down local WI groups without much luck. I applied to join the Facebook closed group (no response whatsoever), the local church is closed and you have to still book to attend a service, and I can't find a theatre group anywhere.  How do you go about finding these groups? I would also volunteer at a food bank if I was needed. I'll just have to keep looking.....

Since we moved our post has been delivered about once a week, if we're lucky, so I might or might not have some birthday cards today! I've got 3 anyway ; one from my very best friend, one from DD and one from my Grandchildren. We are meeting them tonight for a pub meal as it's Son in Laws birthday today too. I'm looking forward to that 😁

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

    How strange that you've been unable to find a local WI. They are usually listed on the relevant County WI page and even odder about having to book up to go to church - not exactly giving a welcome to everyone.
    Hope you find some groups soon.

  2. Happy birthday, your age is no reflection on the person inside, I do find most of the local information from our local facebook page, so try and join again. Enjoy your meal tonight.

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely meal out with your family x

  4. Happy Birthday.

    A security light is very needed in semi-rural areas, it can be very dark when you don't have street lights or near neighbours and of course you do need the added level of security it brings.

    Enjoy your meal out, and yes do keep trying to find things you can join. Google can be very good at finding local groups and do try Facebook again sometimes original groups close down and others with slightly different names spring up, that's what happened here.

  5. So glad I popped across to see you today. Many Happy returns of the day. Have a lovely day x
    Hopefully you will find something to join soon that will make you feel welcome.

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day!

  7. Wishing you a happy Birthday. x

  8. Happy Birthday!
    My mum shares your birthday... she's 83 today.

  9. Happy Birthday.How about U3A for groups.A great way to meet new people.

  10. Have another look at the local FB group you’ve applied to join. Most private groups require you to answer questions before they’ll approve you, and if you’ve not done that, you won’t get in....
    If not, it may well be dormant, it usually says somewhere on the group info how recently it has been used....
    most places have more than one local fb group, so try searching just with the town/village name to see what comes up.
    Apologies if you know all this already! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I’m one of the "rarely comments" readers!

  11. Haopy Belated Birthday.

    God bless.

  12. Not sure how far you are from "local" shops but when you next visit them how about putting a notice in the window, generally just speaking to those around you, and asking where the WI meets or if there's a local, craft, theatre, walking group etc - surely someone would know and help if you asked them. Hope you make contact with like minded people soon - I expect Covid hasn't helped them to be forthcoming at present. Elaine

  13. Happy Birthday! It can take some time in a village to settle in and get to know people. Ours has a co-op that I love. Many of us pick up our farm fresh produce there every two weeks. Grocery stores are a good place to get to know people, too.


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