Saturday 20 November 2021

App-y Bargains! & Christmas Planning

I have never been a fan of downloading Apps for this and Apps for that on my phone.  My phone is for calls, texts and the odd photograph but I did download the Nectar app in order to make use of collecting loyalty points.  We have a weekly Sainsburys grocery delivery which is an enormous help as neither of us can carry heavy shopping any more but we do miss having a bit of a browse instore.  I have discovered not only that our new local Sainsburys is fairly quiet early on Saturday morning, but that my Nectar app offers me discounted prices on some of the items I usually buy.  So I popped in this morning and got the following:

Skimmed milk usually 89p for 2 pints , my price 60p (I bought 2 to last the week).....

4 Nut Cutlets, usual price £1.75, my price £1.23 (I bought 2 packs which will make a total of 8 portions @ roughly 31p each)  I pop a couple in the oven when I'm making roast potatoes and serve them with lots of extra veg and gravy.  No meat required for G! .....

Really nice British vine tomatoes usually £1.95, my price £1.37.....

Oh and 2 tins of pears in juice usually £1.00 each, my price 75p  We like those on our breakfast cereal with a big dollop of thick, live yogurt......

I saved a total of £2.70

With Christmas fast approaching I know that the delivery slots will fill up fast so any extras I can get to fill my cupboards and the new freezer are very welcome.  I think I will try having deliveries every 2 weeks instead of weekly for the time being.  It will free up a slot or two for someone else whose need might be greater and we can make the 5 minute drive to the store instead just to top up on bread, milk and fresh stuff.   I have already pre-ordered some salmon for us and the family on Boxing Day and have some boxed bitty things like spring rolls and Indian nibbles in the freezer already.  I have bought a Christmas cake.  I don't feel up to making one this year and we are all usually too full to eat cake on the big day anyway.  If G wants a slice he can make do with shop bought 😁

Just before I popped out I found a scratchcard in my handbag.  It must have been purchased weeks ago and forgotten about, so I scratched it off whist finishing my cup of tea.....

 Yay! I won £25 (doing a happy dance!)  As I'm pretty broke until the end of the month (crikey...still 10 days away 😏)  I'm 'made up' as they say.  I actually have bank notes in my purse right now 😎

As I have been unable to go anywhere much due to my back pain, I still have half a tank of fuel left too.  I will savour this moment of having cash in my purse, petrol in my little car, and I've dropped a few coppers into an empty coffee jar to begin my Sealed Pot Challenge for 2022.  Yes, I know it's not sealed but I can resist touching it until I can find a cheap sealed tin to put it in, I swear!

It's dark and dismal here with snow forecast for the middle of next week. What are you doing this weekend?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. Tesco does a similar thing...much better the app on my phone than all those cards to carry. x

    1. That's true. I recently shredded all the loyalty cards I don't use to lighten my purse.

  2. Our local Tesco does the same money off, it's handy, plus the express shop is in our village, everyone loves a bargain.

    1. It's so useful to have a really local store. Unfortunately we don't have a local Tesco in the village.

  3. Way to go on your win!!!!

    God bless.

  4. Glad to hear you won some money! Those are great bargains. This weekend I am sitting by the fire, raking leaves, doing yoga, and enjoying the cabin.

  5. Congratulations on your win and a decent amount too :-)

    I usually download my Nectar offers on my app each week and build up Nectar points to spend really quickly that way. In the last year I have managed to acquire over £35 of Nectar points available to spend on food for my Challenge next year. They do seem to pick up on your regular purchases and give you extra points on them. When you usually have to spend £20 to get 20 points and suddenly you can get that for buying one banana, which you would have been buying anyway it really is a no-brainer.


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