Saturday 13 November 2021

Freezers, Stash Cupboard and Christmas Plans

 My new freezer arrived just before 6pm on Tuesday and was placed, at our request, in the garage.  The delivery driver was very angry at the work load he had been given as it meant he'd worked a 12 hour shift.  Some difficult delivery and fitting problems (as well as awkward customers) had pushed him to the brink apparently.  He had one more delivery to make then he was quitting his job 😕 To be honest, I could understand his grumpiness but felt really sorry for the young lad helping him.  He looked like a school leaver and must have had a horrendous day working with such an uptight driver.  I really hope his next companion will be more laidback....

Anyway, in the cold light of day we could clearly see that our new freezer was damaged...

.... the remedy entailed submitting the photo to customer services and then phoning them, waiting in a long telephone queue for 11 minutes until picked up.  We had the option of ordering a replacement and waiting in for delivery and collection of the damaged one or accepting a discount.  I was offered just 10% which I refused, then 15%.  As the damage appears to be cosmetic and on the less visible side of the freezer once in place,  we decided to keep it.  The £25.35 refunded has been used to buy some frozen fish and vegetables to begin filling it up.  Luckily, it will still be covered under warranty.  Why is NOTHING simple?

Since Monday I have had a dicky back.  I have no idea what triggered it but bending without thinking gives me the 'electric shock' effect of a nerve being pinched.  Quite apart from being painful it makes getting into the car tricky, sitting uncomfortable and for wobbly walking.  There is so much I wanted to do this weekend whilst G is at work and I can't do any of it, not least of which was sorting out my craft stash to minimize storage boxes in the 'understair' cupboard.  Yes, I know we now have a bungalow with no stairs but it's a habit I can't seem to break 😂  It's just going to have to wait.

DD and the family are coming over tomorrow afternoon as Son in Law has promised to fit some new light fittings in the sitting room for us.  They will look heaps better than the bare bulbs left by the builders.

Reading about people already writing Christmas cards has spurred me on to begin present shopping.  The gift list since Covid has shrunk to miniscule proportions as we have mutually agreed with others that we can't face physical shopping again this year.  I have bought gifts for our Daughter & Son in Law, the Grandchildren prefer money and a small gift to open on the big day, and I'm popping a bit of cash in a card for each nephew, niece, and youngster whom I like to acknowledge.  I've sent a little money to our Son in Sydney so that he can buy and wrap a small gift from us for our 6 yrs old GD.  Effectively, my Christmas gift shopping is done!

Are you buying less this year?  Or do you want to make up for last year?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. We bought a new freezer a year or so ago and the same happened to us. We took off the packaging and there was damage from what looked to be a fork lift prong. We also accepted a discount as it was always going to live in the garage so it wasn't going to be on show but it makes you think that no one checks stock before it is sent out to customers. What a lot of time and money wasted in either giving a discount or collecting and replacing damaged goods.

  2. What a weird coincidence as my new chest freezer for the garage also arrive on Tuesday but with a cheerful driver and so much packaging - polystyrene on all edges and top and bottom - that there was no damage. Took me several minutes to unpack it all and it filled a huge black sack!

  3. Oh friend, I like your Christmas shopping approach, mine is similar. Ever since I became a widow, I am giving people lots of grace, we never know what grief or troubles strangers are enduring. So Mr. Grumpy definitely had a bad attitude. That is good you got a discount for the damaged freezer.

  4. Glad that you got your freezer and a fairly decent discount due to the damage.

    God bless.

  5. We have already purchased most of our gifts, we wanted it all done before the crowds start to build in the towns, no point in being silly and mixing when we don't need to.

  6. What a shame about the damaged new freezer but like you say, it will live in the garage and it is cosmetic damage. Still good that you managed to get some money off so that you could start to fill the freezer. I'm a bit lagging on the present front this year but it will be things I can get locally and certainly not a trip into the city centre anymore. Stay safe x

  7. The guys that delivered my Smeg ... which is a very large fridge freezer ... were two scrawny little things, without Alan here to help them I don't know how they would have managed. Delivery drivers have to work so hard these days, gone are the days of two big burley guys who know their patch like the back of their hand and have years of experience to help them.

    1. I meant to add, I do hope your back improves ... take it easy. xx


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