Sunday, 24 January 2021

Winter Wonderland

 This was the view from my bedroom window when I awoke at 9am this morning... lazy, I know, but we have nowhere to go and it is Sunday, after all  😊  The security camera shows that it began to snow around 8.30am and so it came very thick and fast if this is how it was by 9am.  It's now 3pm and still snowing on and off in flurries.  I reckon we've had around 3" of snow if the thickness of snow on the patio table is anything to go by.  I'll enjoy it today and hope it disappears overnight.  I'm glad we managed a bit of a walk yesterday because it will be treacherous underfoot at the moment.

I had a text from our son in Oz this morning where it's been 40C.  How do they cope?

We've had a quiet morning just catching up with a few chores and then I cooked us a lunch of roast potatoes and lots of veg with veg sausage for me and a portion of beef stew from the freezer for G.  I found 2 out of date mince pies at the back of the cupboard 😏 so they've been heated up in the switched off  (but still hot) oven and served with some tinned custard.  We are now FULL!

I'm off for a good read now with a cup of tea to hand...OOh...I can hear G putting the kettle on!

What are you doing today?
Stay safe my friends, wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. I sat with my handmade lap blanket, with Grace my cat sat on my lap knitting a new warm jumper, no snow just really cold.

  2. We have had about four inches of snow so havn’t ventured outside.

  3. We had about four inches of snow here too. We put our wellies on and went for a short walk this afternoon.
    It's been a knitting week here in my small corner.

  4. It was 43C yesterday here in South Australia. Luckily we have air conditioning!

    1. That's so hot, Barbara, air conditioning must be a necessity.

  5. wow look at that snow. My daughters were very disappointed when they pulled back the curtains and there was just a very small dusting in parts of our garden. Certainly not enough for building a snowman. I think it looks lovely as long as i dont have to go out in it.

  6. Oh my, you really did get snow. I hope it all melted very soon.

    God bless.


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