Sunday, 10 January 2021

Post on a SUNDAY??

 We woke up to a street and garden covered in a heavy frost once again and, boy, it's cold outside.  Around 9am we heard our security camera activate and it turned out to be the postman....wearing SHORTS!  He was particularly welcome because it was G's birthday yesterday and we have had no post for several days and so some of his cards were stuck in the system.  Amongst the pile of mail were 2 birthday cards containing lottery tickets and a scratch card.  No luck with them but it gave him a bit of a lift to check them anyway.  We know there is still one card out there somewhere but it proves we need to post things extra early for them to arrive on time.  Sunday post is unheard of here so the PO must be really busy and trying to play catch up.  Well done brave Postie!

I'm going to cook a hot lunch with veggie roast, roast potatoes, swede, carrots, peas and gravy.  I might even make some Yorkshire puddings if I have time. Tea will be pitta pizzas, I think.

My bed has been stripped and is in the washing machine, the bedroom windows are open a tiny bit to let in some fresh air and now I'm off to prepare the veg.  It seems strange to have G here on furlough again so I'm trying to ignore him and do my chores without interruption 😁  It's not easy...why does he not hear when I ask him something yet knows when I creep downstairs to avoid him! 😂

Oh, and a warm welcome to more new followers 😊

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. My husbands hearing is the same, often I have to repeat things to him.

  2. Belated Birthday wishes to your hubby. My goodness shorts! We are still getting Christmas post, which seems quite ridiculous.

  3. My husband is as deaf as a post. He was given hearing aids last year, wore them for 3 months and they sit in the drawer. When I heard the Royal Mail CEO that the volume of post at Christmas had caught him out I was gobsmacked. It's been like it since the beginning of the first lockdown. I hope you get what you know is missing, I'm still waiting for something posted 7th December!

  4. I tell my husband he has selective hearing in that when I politely call him for a meal he hears me perfectly, and yet when I mention taking the garbage out or to do a little job for me he can't hear a word I say. Pretty sure I am speaking in the same tone and with the same loudness.

    God bless.

  5. Some of the men where I live have been wearing shorts and t-shirts in the snow. I guess their bodies heat up from shoveling. It must be challenging to share a home. I just have my dog, who is a very good listener.

  6. Sunday Post sounds like something out of Dickens when they had 3 or 4 deliveries a day everyday!

  7. Post on Sunday, what a lovely surprise. Happy Birthday wishes to G.
    Our posties wear shorts all year, I guess they prefer cold legs rather than work in wet long trousers in the winter. Stay safe and well Angie x

  8. In Garstang most of the posties are of the old breed and they are wrapped up like woolly bears with their red jackets on the top. I'm sure if I gave our main postie a push he would simply rock over and bounce back up again he's wearing so many layers.

    Yes men have very selective hearing ... very similar to dogs in fact!!


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