Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Aftermath, A Walk & Bargain Hunting

Well it's all over now bar the shouting, as they say.  Food has been munched, drink has been drunk and except for a quick New Year's Eve drink we will be back to normal.  Nothing has been done to excess.

Yesterday had a very frosty start but we drove to Stourport and had a lovely brisk walk along the river in order to blow away the cobwebs.  It was lovely and fresh, making our cheeks and fingers glow with the cold but clearing our heads and waking us up.  On the way home we stopped at Sainsbugs and found some bargains.  The bread was 20p and has been frozen for toast, the wraps 24p have been separated into 3's interleaved with baking parchment for a quick defrost then re wrapped and frozen for lunches.  The spinach 40p will be used for Cornish Chickpea's lentil bake and we ate some sprouts with our tea last night. The pancakes 19p a pack have been frozen for another day and the Pains au Chocolat  20p will be eaten for an indulgent breakfast.  This is just the start of my frugal intent during January so watch this space....

There were lots of Christmassy things drastically reduced too.  I looked at them, picked them up and put them back.  The only things I bought were a 10metre roll of wrapping paper for 50p and 2 packs of tags @ 10p each.  The original price in total was £5 so not at all bad for 70p....

Have you succumbed to any sale bargains?  We might have a trip into town today but I really only want to buy a birthday gift for a friend's birthday.

Thanks so much for popping in.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful x


  1. Well done Angie, glad you found some good bargains, every little helps, I have had a fantastic haul, I will do a post sometime today xx

  2. Yes I have succumbed to some sale bargains, but only for things I was actually looking for on sale. Like new cushions and curtains for a bedroom we are redecorating.

    I love spending time by the river too.

  3. I took Fran into Pontardawe this morning to have a look at our posh new Lidl store and picked up a small food processor for £12:99. At almost half price it is more than twice the size of my mini version that died a week ago. Apart from that I will venture out on New Years Eve just to have a look. I have freezer space now and will be happy if I find a few bargains to fill it.

  4. We've not been sale shopping, nothing we need or want. I may buy milk and fruit before the weekend but that's it.
    We need to start emptying cupboards and freezer ready to move next month


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