Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On Feeling Yuk and a Christmas Play

Today has been gorgeous; bright and sunny and reviving.  So much so that I ironed a huge basket of clothes whilst basking in the sun streaming through the window.   I didn't get much sleep last night.  I had my 'washing machine head' on, you know when everything floods the mind and you begin to mull things over :/  It didn't help that OH was snoring like a pig either.  I finally dropped off sometime after 4am and awoke feeling sluggish and not at all well.  I think I was a bit dehydrated too as I didn't have a drink during the day yesterday from 11 am until 5pm as I was out,  so a pint of water drunk slowly over the first hour also helped.

Yesterday was spent with DD at GS's primary school watching the Christmas production of Oliver.  It always makes me smile to watch and listen to the children, some bold and confident, some finding it so excruciating that they rush their lines to get it over quickly, some forgetting their lines altogether and being prompted by another child, and some silently mouthing the lines of the whole play :)
I know I should have taken a bottle of water with me but I forgot, so I had drunk a cup of tea before I left home at 11am and then nothing until a lovely mug of tea at DD's at 5pm.  I never learn....

After ironing such a huge basket of stuff I felt I deserved a bit of R and R so fished out some of my yarn stash and began a chunky waistcoat to keep me warm this winter.  A ball knits up in around 2 hours so it won't take long to finish. I'll show and tell in a few days.

It's going cold again now that it's dark so PJ's and dressing gown on and more knitting I think.  There is some good stuff on TV tonight too.  I am enjoying Lucy Worsley's telling of the six wives of Henry VIII and tonight is part 2.

Oh, forgot to say I have an eBay sale funds of £13.25...yay!  It's a very good start :)

Have a lovely evening everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. I love this time of year and the Children's productions. Hope you manage to get a good nights sleep tonight.

  2. It is so difficult to gain control of those 'washing machine' thoughts during the nights. I have lain awake worrying about things that in the light of day were nothing, but for some reason refused to be dismissed in the middle of the night.

  3. I'm having washing machine thoughts too - that's why I'm awake at this silly hour.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the play. They are such a joy to see especially at this time of year.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished waistcoat. X

  4. I hope you are feeling more refreshed today x

  5. There's nothing worse than a rubbish night's sleep. My hubby snores which wakes me often and I can't drop off again. I also went to a nativity play today - my granddaughter's only 3 and was a sheep. It was lovely to watch.


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