Thursday, 29 December 2016

Frugal Eating Begins Here!

We did go into town yesterday as planned but parked on the outskirts of town and walked the rest of the way in order to get some exercise.  Erands done, we popped into Marks and Spensives just as these were being marked down.  They were too good to miss. ....

I bought two packs of potatoes, one has gone into the freezer for later on, one will be eaten tonight.  The slow cooker is on with some beef stew for OH which will feed him for two days and with a bit left to freeze (at least I hope so! ) The cream will be dolloped onto warm mince pies for pudding.

Today is a rest day.  No visitors , chores for the day are done, now there's a nice cup of tea with my name on it and a bit of knitting to carry on with.

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for popping in xxx


  1. Great Bargains, "Frugal Food" tastes so good xx

  2. I have cleaned our house and packed the dec's away, we are always away for New Year and I hate to come back to dec's.

  3. Amazing mark downs - you never see that here where I now live in Midwest USA.

  4. Great bargains. I'm going to do some knitting myself later. I still have my socks to finish. Enjoy your rest day. X

  5. Rest day for us today too, it was nice to be free to choose how we filled the time. Enjoy your knitting time.

  6. I've not been near the shops and intend to hold off for as long as possible. We have loads in the freezer and pantry so apart from milk I don't need to go lol.


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