Monday, 1 December 2014

Streetbank Advent Day #1

Frugal Queen wrote a post about the Streetbank Advent. I have no idea how to post links but the idea is this.  It is the opposite of the usual Advent in that each day you give something away right up to Christmas. That is 24 Random Acts of Kindness during December.  Well I'm all for giving it a go.  Last weekend I had another sort out and I will see what I can do.  Anything from donating to the Foodbank, to donating to a CS, to popping coins in a Charity box, to giving someone a bit of help or time will count.  It doesn't have to be one each day you can give several days worth in one go and then none at all for while.  I will report what I have managed to do so please watch this space....

For today, I will begin with:

1) A stranger on the internet asked for some information on items she is collecting so I am posting her copies of what I have free of charge. She is more than pleased :)

It's obviously not worth posting a photo of an envelope but I am hoping to do more later today.


2)  As I was doing a small shop today I added 6 items to my trolley for the Foodbank and popped them in the Sainsbury's collection point

3) All my leftover small change has been popped into the Air Ambulance box

4) DD is having a rough auld time of it lately so I purchased a Clarks shoe voucher towards the next pair of school shoes for each child.

That will put me ahead slightly in the Reverse Advent stakes as I might not be able to go out until later in the week.

Thanks ever so for popping in x


  1. How very generous what a lovely idea, I have gone into declutter mode, I have some bits for the charity shop tommorow, I get rid of some but end up coming home with more :)

  2. I know you can never resist a bargain

  3. I'd already decided to declutter before Christmas and give some items away, that I was finding it hard to part with, to charity. I think this reverse Advent challenge is great. I love your ideas for giving away and shall like you also make a donation to the food bank box in the supermarket for example. Have a good Advent xo