Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bargains, Jam Pots & Feeling Helpless

Today dawned bright and sunny after a night of heavy rain.  I popped into town to post the dog bed pillowcases to the lovely Pam and decided to try to locate more. Crumbs, Pam, I see what you mean about C S prices!  I can understand them not wanting to split a set if they have the duvet cover but odd pillowcases at £2!! Mine were from Oxfam and cost pennies so I will keep an eagle eye on them for more oddments.

Each time I go into town I see the same people sitting on the cold pavement, not begging you understand, but obviously having no purpose to their day and possibly no home to go to.  My heart aches for them.  Sometimes I would like to offer food or a hot drink but I am afraid to approach them for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.  Once again I walked past I am ashamed to say......

I had to go into Sainsbury's for something and spotted these....

Advent calendars reduced to 30p each so I grabbed the last 2 Peppa Pig ones and 2 Hello Kitty for the Foodbank trolley.  Reverse Advent  Day #10  so that 4 children can know the pleasure of a bit of chocolate during the countdown to the festive season. I also popped a big bag of rice and some tins of soup in.
I had another idea for a stocking filler.  These tiny jam pots are 5 for £1.50 in Morrisons and 4 of them fit nicely into a cellophane bag so the cost is:
4 jams @ 30p = £1.20
Bag & ribbon 23p  (£2.29 for 10)
Total £1.43

 Father-in Law will like these as a normal jar is much too big for him. 
Does anyone else have ideas for little gifts? I want to make some foodie ones soon too. Any ideas for those please?  I like Simple Livings Chocolate Oaties so they could feature heavily :)
Thanks so much for popping in x 


  1. Good for you donating the advent calendars and food. My Mum likes the little jars of jam too, as they are handy when you are on your own. How about making or buying some fruit cake, pop on a bit of marzipan and icing and put a Christmas topper of some kind on. Chop into small cakes, wrap with cello, tie with ribbons. We made some of these last Christmas and they were gratefully received. They are on my blog, December 2013. I made a load of mince pies today and lemon curd tarts, I plan on popping some round to an elderly neighbour tomorrow.
    Stay warm and cosy.

    1. That sounds brilliant, I will take a look at the aforementioned post, thank you!

  2. I know what you mean about when you see a homeless person, I am a very emotional person all these things really get to me, also the adverts they show this time of year, I was really upset when I saw the RSPCA one the other evening, I had to leave the room.
    It's so difficult, but what can you do, it's impossible to help everyone, If we were to win the lottery, quite a bit would go to charities.

    I love the idea with the jams, thankyou for the mention about the chocolate oaties, I was just saying to hubby next year, I might make gifts, like mini christmas cakes, my florentines last well so they would be good, maybe some marmalade and next year I am going to have a go at fudge making.I have already put some of the cellophane bags in my list on Amazon.

    1. Yes, it is so upsetting, SL. We have said the same about giving the money away if we ever win a large amount.
      Great ideas for next year's gifts x