Thursday, 21 April 2022

On Being AWOL & Garden Magic

You might have noticed that I've been AWOL for a while... or maybe you haven't missed me at all 😦 👀... anyway, the reason is that I've not been feeling 100% well.  I've been getting dizzy spells, which are unrelated to my usual low blood pressure and which have left me feeling 'spaced out' and totally weird and sometimes nauseous too.  Not nice at all.  I put up with it thinking it would go away by itself until Thursday last week when I tried to ring the GP for advice.  You have to ring at 8am on the dot to be in with any sort of a chance of speaking to someone so I set my alarm for 7.55am and began to ring the surgery at 7.59am.  Of course they were engaged (busy) so I set my phone on constant redial and lay back down in bed with the phone in my hand.  On the 74 th!! try I got a ring tone and, after pressing the required buttons, got a place in the queue.  Eventually, I heard a human voice...thank heavens...and explained the problem.  I got the promise of a telephone consultation with a GP sometime that morning. I did get a call later and, after a short discussion, was called into the!  The GP checked my blood pressure (ok), my ears (ok apart from Tinnitus), my eyes (no comment) and asked if I felt tired (no more than usual) then declared that I had probably picked up a virus (not Covid) which affects the inner ear.  She gave me a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy in the village next day.  Unfortunately, that was Good Friday so the pharmacy was CLOSED 😕  I could hardly get out of bed on Saturday so couldn't pick it up then either.  Monday they were CLOSED too 😵 I finally got them on Tuesday.  I don't know if they will work but I'm trying them.

I was due to go to DD for lunch on Easter Sunday as G was working but had to cry off as I felt so rough.  DD offered to bring lunch over, bless her, but I felt too rough to eat.  I had a slice of cheese on toast in the afternoon instead.

Nicer Stuff: 😁

Thank you to everyone for your happy Easter wishes and your comments and suggestions on eating out on a budget.  I've absorbed them all like a sponge, thank you.

The only thing I've felt up to doing over the last week and a bit is pottering in the garden.  I'm amazed how things are putting on a spurt of lush growth.  This is the shady corner containing the Amelanchier....

Beneath that the giant Snowdrops are doing well at last.....

The Tulip bulbs have come up and I'm astounded to find 3 flowers on each bulb.....

I've never seen that before.  Have you??

The Amelanchier produced a scattering of pretty white blossom but I missed the chance to photograph it last week and the cold wet weather soon stripped it off.....

The hanging basket of Pansies which we bought before the Winter has revived itself and is full of colour......

Our Rowan (Sorbus) has had a burst of energy and pushed out lots of fluffy growth so I'm hopeful for some berries for the birds at the end of Summer....

As I've felt so rough lately, we've been having home deliveries of shopping but I'm reasonably sure that we are still within our £200 budget for the month.  I'll add it all up when I can summon up the energy and show the total so far.

Thanks so much for popping in and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too well...the flowers are looking lovely though. x

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough, hope the medication helps and quickly.

  3. I am sorry that you have not been feeling well.

    Your garden is looking splendid.

    God bless.

    I did miss you.

  4. Amelanchier berries make a rather nice jam

  5. Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly over the Easter break. Hope the medication kicks in quickly and you are soon better.
    Your Rowan and Amelanchier are lovely. So nice to have trees in the garden.
    Sending get well hugs x

  6. So sorry to hear you've been ill and couldn't get your prescription filled sooner; hope the medication acts quickly and you'll well better, soon. Rest and take it easy until you feel 100% again.

  7. I'm sorry that you haven't been well and hope the meds quickly help. It's so miserable to be ill when you want to putter in the garden. Your plants are doing great! Do take care.
    Blessings, Linda


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