Monday, 4 April 2022

No Fuel & a Treat

Today is so wet and cold again that we were undecided what to do with the day.  G has worked all over the weekend but I've not ventured far and felt a bit stir-crazy this morning. 

On Saturday I set to and defrosted the kitchen freezer, completed the chores after which back pain set in due to all the bending and stretching I had done 😟  I took some painkillers and lay on the bed for half an hour reading.  Once they had kicked in I sat at the kitchen table and made a few more cards for the Hospice shop.  On Sunday morning my back felt a bit better, although still painful, but I managed the ironing which I couldn't face tackling on Saturday.  Tick ✅👍

G realised this morning that he was very low on diesel so I went with him just for the ride to Morrisons to top up.  They were completely sold out 😨 Luckily, the Esso station just down the road had some fuel left (although there was a bit of a queue and it was 1.2p per litre more expensive) We now have half a tank of fuel which should last a couple of weeks as G is not at work next weekend.

G offered to treat us to lunch at Wetherspoons in the village and we were pleasantly surprised to find a portion of cod, chips and peas at just £3.99.  My small glass of wine (Pinot Grigio) cost £1.45 The food  was piping hot and the cod was beautifully white and tasty.  We will definitely do it again sometime....

We normally do the food shopping each Wednesday but we have plenty of food in stock at the moment so will buy fresh stuff as we need it over the coming week rather than do a big shop.  Tonight we will just have cheese on toast as we are both pretty stuffed.

Today I am grateful for:

Being able to buy diesel

Being lucky enough to have a hot meal not cooked by me

Spring is on it's way!

Thanks so much for popping in and please be safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

April Food Budget: £41.10/£200.00


  1. The fuel protestors cause a panic and a mini run at the pumps. We love the pizzas from Weatherspoons, they are a nice lunch.

    1. Yes, Marlene, we saw them being brought out of the kitchen to a table nearby and they looked lovely. We might try a veggie one next time we go. An 11" one would be big enough to share.
      Drat to causing panic buying of fuel :(

  2. I am glad you managed to fill the truck.

    God bless.

  3. I think the best thing about having a filling lunch when you are out and about is that a snacky tea is possible later. A whole day with virtually no food prep or washing up is a real treat.

    1. Absolutely! It made a change from all that wondering what to cook and all the clearing up later :)

  4. You had a very busy weekend! Hope your back is fine, now. I'm glad you were able to get fuel for your vehicle! Your lunch looks delicious and makes me hungry for fish and chips! :D

  5. Hope your back is better soon, it can be such a nuisance and so painful. Take things easy this week if you can.
    Have you been able to get any support for G with his pain? That Dr was so unhelpful. When I had the last back trouble my Dr sent me to a small physio practice in another local(ish)surgery under the NHS. They were very helpful. Maybe your Dr would know of somewhere similar.

    1. Thanks so much, Beverley, my back is tender but better than it was. I know that you suffer in the same way too :/
      G has not had much luck. He queued outside the surgery at 7.45am this morning to get a telephone appointment. A GP (who doesn't know him or his case) then rang him around 9.30am and prescribed yet another anti-depressant. I despair for him. Thanks so much for your concern Beverley x

  6. Sounds wonderful, and that meal looks delicious. That's quite reasonable for a glass of wine.


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