Tuesday, 9 February 2021

What Would You Do?

It snowed again during the night!  I awoke at 6.05am, looked  through the window and quickley snuggled back under the duvet ☺  Snow is now still falling in big, fat, soft white flakes so I don't think I will even attempt a walk today.  I can't risk falling.

Yesterday, I underwent a long awaited hospital procedure.   Luckily, I received the letter on Saturday afternoon otherwise I wouldn't have known and would have missed the appointment.  I say "luckily" because it only gave me a short time to worry about it 😬 In addition, we were both kept awake both on Friday  and Saturday night by our young neighbour having loads of visitors and partying until the early hours.  She has broken the covid rules all along and it has got worse since her boyfriend left during the summer.  She has a young daughter, not quite 2 yrs old, and I can only assume that her grandmother (the child's great grandmother ) has her for the weekends.  There would be no way that a child could sleep amid all the noise.  We hear the front and rear doors constantly banging, cars doors slamming, loud voices talking, squealing and laughter outside which carries on until 4am.  G and I were both exhausted on Sunday morning after 2 nights lack of sleep.  Its no use speaking to her about it as we discovered in the summer. As soon as her boyfriend left the noise increased. At one point on Saturday/Sunday there were 3 vehicles parked up outside, not including her Nan, who is in her childcare "bubble" 😡 

She just increases the hurt the rest of us feel in not seeing our families too.  All the other neighbours toe the line.

I'm in pain from my procedure right now 😫  so if the same  happens again this weekend my patience might just snap and I'll report her.  No wonder the infection rates are so high in the area. I've put up with this ever since first lockdown in March.

I don't want to be mean but would you report her?

PS I'm still waiting for my skin cancer to be treated ...

And I want to thank everyone for the comments on my last post.  I hope all your vaccinations went well.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x 


  1. I would report her. She seems to have no consideration for anyone. Wait until she has a house full of people, then do it. If there's more than 15 people they will give her a hefty fine. She won't be able to afford party's after that, and if she does the fine will be doubled. My son has had the same problems with his neighbours, so far he's not reported them but his patience is growing thin.

  2. Yes I agree that it should be reported especially as it has been ongoing all Summer. Life has been hard for all of us but that selfishness is not fair on you or your other neighbours and not an excuse.

  3. Hope you feel better soon after your hospital procedure. We have had a sprinkling of snow here too and it is baltic.

  4. I also agree that she should be reported. She is being very selfish when everyone else are not seeing family and friends because they are sticking to the rules. Also you and your husband should not have to put up with the unwanted noise every weekend.

  5. I would have reported her the first time she broke the rules. Rules are for everyone to follow. We once had a neighbor that kept us awake until the wee hours of the morning (pre Covid) and we remedied that by waking up early and making all the noise we could until he realized if we didn't sleep well at night because of his noise he wouldn't sleep in because of our noise.

  6. This is a difficult one. I have a neighbour who has given us grief for years and I found that complaining only led to more problems. Arguing led to even more problems and only made us feel worse.
    If you report her it may come back on you and increase the tension for you. I would think very carefully before you act, she could get away with things and make your life more intolerable than it is now. Just talking from exerience.

  7. I would report any of my neighbours, without a doubt, the rules are there to save lives, is she not worried about her grandmother catching it. I am sure the police would never say who reported her, and with the amount of noise it could be any of your neighbours.

  8. I had the same problem with noise, several nights a week, sometimes until 6am. I had enough, so turned 3 tv sets on as loud as possible, and a music system, at 8.30am and went out. My husband was at work, and my daughter at school. When I returned the neighbour was banging on my door, complaining about the noise! She left the property shortly after.
    I would report her when the party is in full swing. If there are cars outside and the noise is carrying, it will be less obvious that it's you that has reported. I have a police officer family member, and they're handing out more fines now as they're heartily sick of the idiots.

  9. Humm. I would suspect other neighbors are aggravated as well. Could you slip notes to them about a mini flash mob of call-in complaints? No one neighbor is implicated and it would certainly be taken seriously.

  10. Definitely report her.It is your civic duty.When you think how they could be spreading Covid when we are all obeying the rules.
    Keep us posted.

  11. I would report her. Not obeying health orders is taking her own, her child's and all her friends lives in danger.

    Hope you start healing soon. Pain is not a something I am very good at.

    God bless.

  12. I would have reported her a long time ago, maybe the second time she broke the rules. Do report her next time she breaks the rules, as soon as you see people arriving.

    I hope you soon feel better, there's nothing worse than ongoing pain.

  13. I would report her. Sorry to hear you are next to a difficult neighbor. I was in a situation like that and finally took the group to Small Claims Court. The judge put a stop to their behavior. Some people have no boundaries.


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