Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Nectar Bonus & Fancy Food

 Well I said I wouldn't bore you with details of my shopping but I'm excited!  I found that I had accumulated over £40 worth of Nectar points with my online deliveries and have now worked out how to spend them on my next food order.  The result is that I have received £77.14 worth of shopping and only paid £35.89 which helps the food budget enormously.  I even let G have 2 bottles of beer and some chocolate 😂 so he's a happy bunny!  Really pleased about that.... 

More good news is that there was NO PARTY this weekend 👍  Someone arrived around 7pm on Friday evening to pick Young Neighbour up and off they went until I was woken by the door slamming at 3.35am.  She obviously went to bother someone else instead of us.......

When we had the heavy snow a couple of weeks ago, Young Neighbour made a lovely little snowman on the front lawn together with her baby daughter and used sprouts for eyes and buttons, and a carrot nose.  A few days later the snowman melted and the veg has been lying on the lawn rotting away nicely 😏😒 As the rubbish was being collected yesterday,  I picked them up (they really were rotting) and put them in the bin for collection.  I would rather she moaned at me than attract rats.

Would you have picked them up?

Thank you everyone, once again, for your comments on my last post.  I do appreciate it.

This morning we fancied an M & S meal deal as we haven't had one for months and seem to be eating the same meals in the same pattern each week 👀  I drove and G went in on his own to do a recce, then I went in and did the shopping. It was a bit too busy for comfort so I hurried up (no browsing) We now have butternut squash en croute, dauphinoise potatoes and an apple crumble for pudding.  I picked up a nice bottle of French Merlot too which was on offer for £5 instead of £7 and as I had a £2 voucher it actually cost just £3.  I'm looking forward to an easy cook meal tonight!

I don't know about you but I seem to ache all over lately and this morning I reached for the squeegee to clean the shower screen after my shower and pulled a muscle in my back.  Ouch!  I think I have been so inactive for so long that it's telling on me so, when we returned from M & S, we went for a walk around the estate. Boy, the homes are shooting up!  The site looks as though it will be complete by the end of this year, failing any more catastrophies.  I'm glad we bought when we did though because the homes at the rear of the estate are right next to some big industrial units and there are lots of cul-de-sacs which will be used by the kids to play ball games in, I'm sure.

The weather is quite mild today so G is now in the garden sorting out the freshly delivered strawberry plants and pruning the rose tubs.  AND the windows are OPEN!

What's the weather like where you are?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. I love it when it's warm enough to get the windows open but I am blaming the weather for all my aches and pains. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather when all my joints ease up and I can get some sun on my old bones

  2. It has been a lovely day here in North Wales meaning we could have a walk.

  3. I collect every point I can. I usually cash them in when I reach $50. Take that much off the groceries and then go home and put the $50 in a jar. I use the accumulation for holiday (remember going on one?) spending money. At the end of 2020, there was $460 in the jar!

    1. That's a jolly good idea! I do vaguely...remember going on Won't we enjoy it so much more when we can legally book a holiday at last.

  4. You did a marvelous job with the shopping.

    Here when I hurt I blame a few things, the weather, my fibro, and the fact that I am getting a bit beyond for some things.

    God bless.

  5. Hello Angie,

    Well, it is good to have some treats to make life a little more fun in these strange days.

    The neighbour going out, a meal deal [with an extremely delicious menu], beer and chocolates for your husband and Nectar vouchers. Win, win situations all round....except the rotting vegetables.

    Yes, we would have picked them up....

  6. A brilliant job with the shopping. I've been busy collecting Nectar points using the App. I don't shop for much at the moment, just a bit of fresh stuff, but obviously my Nectar card notices what I do buy and lo and behold there on the App the following week is the offer to gain extra points for those items. I acquired 280 points on a eight pound shop the other day. I am now just over £20 in points so I think I'll be spending them soon.

    I guess your neighbour went to a party elsewhere instead of hosting one herself!!

    1. These Nectar points do seem to add up, Sue, I usually pay for the shopping on the Sainsbury's Credit card and get points from that too. I've just been given 490 points on CC use for last month :)
      Of course I pay 'IN FULL!' (thank you Martin Lewis) ;)
      Yes, I guess YN went to a party elsewhere. Where else can you go until 3.30am?

  7. It's cold and sunny here. I did a lot of gardening today, too. Just clean up stuff: turning weeds into the soil and the raking of leaves and pine needles. Yes, I probably would have picked up the veggie scraps.

  8. Was lovely and warm here as well. Wonderful to have the windows and doors open.


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