Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Turn Stash Into Cash! Challenge

Firstly a warm welcome to Jill C, my new follower :) I think I have an anonymous new follower too...hello!

I fancied doing a challenge so have decided to Turn Stash Into Cash!  I have been crafting for well over 25 years and have accumulated loads of stuff which needs using up.  There is a tower full of 'useful stuff'' .....

Wool and yarn are tucked into a corner of the living room.....

And there is 'stuff'' in the darkest recesses......

I have plastic boxes of yarn in the spare wardrobe too so seriously need to have a clear out.

The plan is to:

a) Make things to sell either at craft fairs or on eBay
b) Sell surplus craft items on eBay
c) Give excess stock to my favourite charity shop

I will record on here any money that I make but equally any money that I spend because I know I will need card blanks, adhesive, gems and ribbon at some stage to complete certain projects.  I will, however, try to use up before spending (I want to spend as little as possible, obviously)  The challenge will run for at least 6 months.  Here goes.... :)

Thanks so much to all the people who commented on my last post. I am still in shock.  Good news, however, SiL is enjoying the challenge of his new job even though he has not yet received a penny from the company nor an official contract of employment :/  He now has 'Man Flu' but has gone into work anyway ;)

Thanks so much for popping in. Stay safe x


  1. That's a fab idea.
    When I gave up cardmaking (I was doing it as a business) I joined a Facebook group and sold all my stash on there. It was fabulous and I got rid of pretty much everything I wanted to be rid of.

    Hope SiL gets well soon.

    1. I've never used Facebook to sell but it's an idea worth exploring, Sheila, thank you :) xx

  2. Better to make some pennies from it than have it sat around. xx

    1. Absolutely, Marlene, it's mostly gathering dust :/ xx

  3. Such a good idea, here's hoping it goes well.

  4. That's a great idea. Good luck! X


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