Monday 1 January 2018

A Challenging Year

Firstly a warm welcome to two new followers; Lisa and Louise G :)

I hope you all enjoyed the new year celebrations (with no consequent hangover today!)  We went round to some friends around 8pm and left at 1.30am having consumed a modest 2 drinks each, but having had a couple of quizzes and a lot of laughter.  I wanted a clear head this morning to enable me to get my a*s into gear regarding the food budget.

2018 will be a challenging year ( as opposed to a year of challenge IYSWIM)  I didn't mention it in the run up to Christmas but DD's husband lost his job 10 days before the big day.  He went to work as usual and came home at 3pm totally out of a job.  He didn't see it coming and it's the 3rd redundancy in 3 years so their savings are very much depleted. DD and SiL were in total shock as he was the sole breadwinner.  It did put a bit of a dampener on Christmas celebrations, to be honest, but I was determined we should enjoy the festive season and worry later. 

DD is now stretching every penny as far as possible.  We want to help as much as we can so will dip into our savings a bit and budget even more carefully this year than last.  Our only real bit of wriggle room is in the food budget.  We allocate £2,600 per year which is £50 per week absolute max and I usually try to save a bit from that each week to save towards emergencies and the inevitable Christmas food splurge.

I drew the first £50 of the year today and ventured to Mr M's for a few bits and pieces.  I was astounded at the YS prices. The bits below will be used for soup or stew (one pack given to DD)......

An amazing toffee apple pie for 25p! This will be dessert tomorrow when the family come to lunch.  A GF xmas pud for 5p for OH. All the wraps, thins and teacakes are now in the freezer and will be given to DD to take home for the kids' school pack ups or after school snack attacks....

The Danone yogurts were 4 for 5p! (wish these could be frozen as there were plenty available)

We had resisted buying these walnuts at £3 a pack but at £1 each they will make tasty nibbles and are well within date....

I added up the value (excluding nuts) and the original prices were £11.78, we paid just £1.06
We were quite hungry when we got home (read ravenous) so shared the last of yesterday's salmon en croute (cold) with some bagged salad and leftover boiled potatoes cut up and fried in a little olive oil.  Delicious! Pudding was a YS'd yogurt each (2.5p for 2)

I have begun a sealed pot challenge too.  Any small change we can spare will be put into this lovely tin (pound shopped) and opened in time for Christmas shopping next November

Tea tonight will be the last 2 slices of bacon (for OH), poached eggs, baked beans, grilled leftover mushrooms and toast.  The best bit is that OH will cook it!  Yay! I can do a bit of crafting until it gets dark :)

I wish everyone a year of wonderful things.  Stay safe and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Hi Angie, again Happy New Year.
    So sorry to hear about the job loss, how awful, I am sure DD and Sil will appreciate your support, and wow what fantastic yellow stickers, I get a real buzz from finding them and seeing how much money we have save. A sealed pot sounds like a good idea, I might do one this year. xx

  2. That's flippin awful news just before Christmas. I too am bringing down my food spending and will have a sealed pot.

  3. That's a dreadful time to find out about redundancy, not that anytime is good of course. I hope a new job will come up soon

  4. What an awful time to lose your job, poor chap, hope he gets some good fortune this year.

    Your ys bargains are fantastic, well done.

  5. Not a good end to 2017 with that news. Here’s hoping 2018 will soon bring a new job for him. Your yellow sticker haul is very impressive. :)

  6. An impressive haul with the yellow stickers, such a great saving. Sorry to hear about the job loss, here's hoping something will come up soon.

  7. So sorry about the shock of the job loss. Well done with the ys bargains.Just a thought but I freeze yoghurts when they are reduced. They are fine, after all you can buy frozen yoghurt deserts.

    1. Oh thank you, Jean! I didn't think I could freeze them but I'll certainly give it a try now. It's good to know you've actually done it yourself :)

  8. These things never come at an easy time, but then there is no easy or good time for redundancy to happen. Thank goodness that they have you and that you are able to help, family is so important. great yellow sticker bargains, I am going to be eating down the freezers for a while and only buying fresh produce but most of it be those bargains, fingers crossed.

  9. Ooh, you are thrifty! I try not to waste any food either but it's tricky when buying for one. I wish the stores would sell things in smaller quantities, cabbage for instance - it would take me ages to eat a whole cabbage.

  10. So sorry to hear about SIL job redundancy. Never a good time but just before Christmas seems especially harsh. If you can keep getting the YS that will be such a help. Hoping things imprive for them in the new year!

  11. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your SIL's redundancy. I do hope he is able to find work soon.
    Some good buys there. I never seem to hit the shop at the right time to get regular bargains but never mind I do manage to get the odd thing now and again.
    Good luck in the new sounds like it will be quite challenging.

  12. What rotten luck to be made redundant so close to Christmas. It is hard enough at any time of year but that really is cruel.Hope that he isn't out of work for too long.
    This year I am plannning to live as frugally as I possibly can. I want to see just how much I will need to live on when Tony retires.

  13. good luck with your frugal challenge. You found some great bargains. Its great to see that so many bloggers are sharing their frugal challenges, lots of information that we can all benefit from. Happy New Year!

  14. I'm sorry to read your news... I hope that the new year will quickly bring some new opportunities for SiL and the worry won't last too long. Jx


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