Monday, 11 December 2017

More Snow & A Power Cut

The snow continued to fall yesterday, we had a brief respite and then it began again.  OH managed to get home from work but he said that the main roads had still not been gritted.  Now it's exceptionally cold and the temperature is forecast to drop as low as -12C tonight. Aarrgghh!

I had just prepared the cottage pie and popped it in the oven about 4.30pm yesterday when the lights went out (as well as the cooker) A frantic scrabble revealed a good torch plus several tealight candles so that I could at least see what I was doing...phew. After literally a couple of minutes the power came back on...double phew! And the pie carried on cooking.  As I was dishing up the meal at 5.15pm poof! the power went off again so I re-lit the candles and we ate our meal in a romantic candlelit glow :) Talk about good timing.... The power was back before bedtime, luckily.

Today it was a steady trek to the Post Office where I bought some fresh rolls and lovely freshly sliced ham for OH, then it was back home to make some warming vegetable soup for lunch.  There is more left for tomorrow.  I foresee lots of staying at home and pottering on the horizon.  What a wonderful excuse to do some crafting! ;)

Take care everyone, wherever you happen to be x


  1. The weather is shocking here. My work was cancelled. A biting wind has got up. I lit the fire and I love the excuse to stay in and enjoy my home. A craft day sounds lovely :)

  2. No snow on the weather forecast for here today......but it did and then rain and now freezing - Horrible.

  3. I'm surprised we haven't had a power cut as our local sub station is very touchy and cuts us off now and again. We've always got candles and a torch just in case. I don't actually mind it as long as it is in the evening after the meal has been
    Hope you had a lovely crafting day.

  4. Yes - I was worried that we were going to lose power at one stage yesterday. It's great to have a couple of unplanned quiet days to catch up on house jobs and crafting. Jx


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