Thursday, 21 December 2017

Cheap, Delicious & a Warm Welcome

Firstly, a warm welcome to my new follower Chris.  I think I have another too but can't work out who it is.  Hello anyway!

After drizzly rain during the night we awoke to a damp and dismal December 21st.  I realised, as I lay there trying to come to, that today is the shortest day of the year!  Hooray! Tomorrow we will be on the right path to Spring with a couple of minutes of extra light each and every day. Yes, I know there's a long way to go as we are only just entering Winter proper but we have turned a corner. Yay!!

We fancied a walk so drove to town and parked in the car park where you can have 3 hours free parking.  It's further away from the centre of town but within easy walking distance.  A re-furbished Mc Donalds re-opened recently...

  It has all the new technology. You can order and pay at a machine and your food will be handed over in no time....

We tried to order 2 coffees as they are only 99p each, hot and tasty.  What? We can't pay with cash? Why not? Oh the till can't accept cash at the moment and we need to use our cards?  No thanks....(cue: hasty exit, muttering about the world's going mad)

Next stop was Halfords.  O2 Priority Moments is offering a free set of AA/AAA batteries at Halfords and we decided to claim a set.  No problem! 4 x AAA batteries for FREE. Excellent!  Then I spotted this....

All drinks were just £1 per cup.  OH had coffee and I decided on hot chocolate.  The drinks were piping hot and delicious and there was a quiet seating area in which to drink them....

At the bar-type seating there was a row of electric sockets so you could charge a phone, tablet or laptop whilst you drank too.....

I think we'll be using this facility again.  Top marks Halfords!

Now we are back home in the warm and I think it's time for a pre- Christmas drink, just to get us into the spirit of course :)  Just a small one, mind you, it is only 3pm :)

Enjoy your day everyone, no stressing! x


  1. I have just finished a hot chocolate, I jazzed it up with some grated dark chocolate and some orange zest, lovely. Now it is almost time to walk the dogs and thankfully the rain has stopped.

  2. Batteries are always handy at Christmas.

  3. Wow, look at that Halfords, fancy. I go there just for the gorgeous rubbery smell!

  4. Batteries....I knew there was something else I needed. Must have those if the girls are opening their presents here.
    I doubt Andy and I will get to have a wander out together as he doesn't finish work until tomorrow. Very late this year.

  5. We are going out for a wander around tomorrow to top up on the fruit and veg. Halford's certainly look very upmarket.

  6. Lucky McDonald's couldn't come up with the goods or you wouldn't have had the far superior Halford's experience!


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