Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why The Wait?

First of all a big welcome to my new followers: The Reason I Save and A Heron's View, lovely to have you along.

Two weeks ago my dear Father in Law was taken ill at home and we had to call in the GP for a home visit.  The lovely lady doctor came at 4 o'clock in the afternoon , six hours after the initial call but failed to find a reason for him feeling so ill so she asked us (DH and I) to meet her back at the surgery within half an hour and she would book him in for some tests.  The tests were conducted at the Surgery the following week.  He now has an appointment to go back for the results on 3rd November...what??  This date will be 3 and a half weeks since the onset of his illness.  Bearing in mind that he is 92 he could either be better or have snuffed it by then!  The NHS is failing our old people.  He lives alone, not in care but fending for himself as best he can.  We take him food, take him out in the car once a week and ring him every day.  How much harder must it be for others who have no-one to help. Does anyone else feel that the NHS is slipping into oblivion?

Changing the subject completely, a friend emailed me this and I had to laugh...this is my Small Treasure for today......I know exactly what she means!

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  1. I know what you mean and for a person of such advanced years it is completely wrong
    My husband had open heart surgery five years ago, so goes to the GP regularly for med checks etc. A few weeks ago a strange moley thing was noticed on his shoulder. He now has an hospital appointment for 3rd December ! I need to add that he is a cancer survivor, having Cancer of the Lymphatic system which he fought from 1983 to 1988 - he has been clear since.

  2. You would think that after all your hubby has been through he would get some sort of priority unless, of course, a December appointment *is* priority.....a scary thought. Hope he is OK.

  3. I'm sorry to hear your father-in-law isn't getting prompt medical treatment. It's very frustrating when older people are ignored like this. I wonder if it was someone younger if they would have received faster treatment. I have to say, it's always a bit of a surprise to me when I here someone from the UK refer to a doctor seeing them at home. That would never happen here in Canada!

    1. Yes, Kristie, we are very lucky to have home visits at all here. It's usually only the old people who can get them though and I do think the days of that are numbered. It's the 3 weeks of waiting for test results which is difficult to understand. Many thanks for your comments.


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