Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn Chill and Comfort Food's a chilly one here today.  I was up at 5.30am to take hubby to work at 6.30am and I really didn't want to get out of my warm bed.  The heating is timed for 7.30am which didn't help at all :-(   but I bit the bullet and forced myself out.  It was pitch dark and very misty so I needed all car lights blazing.  I thought retirement meant getting up when you felt like it!  Luckily Morrison's opens at 7am so I could pop in on the way home to save time later.  This was on offer at £2 for 350g .....

So my thoughts turned to this for lunch....

I got 4 huge locally grown baking potatoes for £1 from the market.  One of them weighs a whole pound! This was the smallest at 12 oz.  Topped with about 50g of cheese it's perfect comfort food.  One of my favourite lunches for just over 50p.  I could have had some salad with it but didn't really want any today. Does anyone else have favourite cold weather food?

The family are coming round later for tea and it will be thick pork sausages (vegetarian for me ) roasties, carrots, peas, cauli, parsnips from the garden and lashings of gravy.  Feeding 6 people it will be a darned site cheaper than a takeaway.

Thanks for popping in x


  1. I love a baked potatoe x

  2. My favourite cold weather food is something with gravy, preferably swimming round inside a big Yorkshire pudding.

  3. Ooh, yorkies! I haven't made any of those for ages....maybe tomorrow

  4. Can you put a follower bar up so I can follow ?.
    First time here for me

  5. We have jacket potatoes at least once a week I like mine with coleslaw and just a smattering of cheese. Favourite comfort food here is stew and dumplings :-)


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