Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas Show and Tell

Firstly, a warm welcome to my new follower, Sue :)

I had a lovely relaxing day on Sunday.  OH was at work all day & I was expecting no visitors so out came the craft stuff .  In the back of the kitchen cupboard I found a pack of cute camper van egg cups which have never been used (the hollow where an egg sits was much too shallow) so I decided to make them into pin cushions by cutting a circle of fabric, making a line of running stitch around the edge and drawing it up into a ball which I stuffed firmly with toy stuffing.  The little ball was then glued into the hollow so it looks like a luggage bundle sitting on the roof.

They look quite nice wrapped in cellophane & tied with a bow.  Now...what price to you think £2 each is reasonable at a Christmas craft fair?

I'm experimenting with calendar making too, this is my first one this year and it hasn't turned out too badly so I'll be making more in different colours and themes.....

A bit of felt was turned into a hand sewn Christmas tree brooch by the addition of a fastener sewn onto the back...

It also crossed my mind to make felt stockings etc into little brooches too as I made myself one last year which gets compliments whenever I wear it.  I'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile enjoy your evening and stay warm, it's getting mighty cold outside in Worcestershire :) xx


  1. I love those pin cushions, what a great idea.

  2. The pin cushions are a great idea. You do make some lovely things. Stay warm. X

  3. What a good idea for pin cushions, an excellent re-modelling x

  4. I would happy pay £2 for your vans, brilliant way to use them.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments xx

  6. Wonderful makes and that is a very fair price. A couple of years ago for charity I knitted some mini Christmas jumpers to be worn as brooches.

    1. What a brilliant idea! Thank you Trish, I'll have a go at those for my charity sales too, if I may?