Saturday, 5 November 2016

Bonfires, Queues and Chilly Toes

I took DD and her family to our village bonfire night celebration last night and BOY was it cold!  We thought we were well wrapped up but wellies, even with up to 4 pairs of socks, are mighty chilly things.  I was hoping for a nice glass of red wine to warm the cockles of my heart but...nope...they were not selling wine or spirits just beer and lager, so we (the GC and I ) settled on paper cups of hot chocolate.  The queues for food and drinks were absolutely massive and little GS (of course!) was hungry so we queued for 25 minutes for a £3 burger :/  By the time the fireworks were lit we were all freezing with numb toes and noses, and to add insult to injury we were not allowed to light the sparklers we had brought with us...wha....t ??  To say we were glad to get home was an understatement of massive proportions.  I don't think we'll bother buying tickets next year. It cost me £15 for a disappointing evening out.

I had a lovely surprise on Friday morning though when the postie rang the bell and handed me a package.  It was this....

I have wanted to try this for ages but it's quite expensive to buy and this was FREE !  There was no packing note but I think it was from supersavvyme.  I do apply to test things from time to time and I must have been successful.  I can't wait to try it :)

Whilst having a drawer tidy up yesterday I found some unopened pink shower gel so that will go into the Food Bank challenge box along with some tinned custard and a cute little tin (from the pound shop) containing genuine Scottish shortbread.  That's sorted out days # 4, 5 and 6....

After lunch today I made a start on some crafting for the December fair, making felt tree decorations.  I want to make more stuff tomorrow so I'll show and tell then.

It's promising to be a very cold night again tonight so once OH gets home around 7.30pm we will lock the door and hunker down for an evening of Hygge (is that how it's spelt?)  I have my blanket ready, my knitting to hand and pj's will be ON !

Have a lovely evening everyone and please be kind to each other x


  1. Such a shame that the bonfire event was such a let down. Loved the little tine of shortbread, what a great find.

  2. What a shame the bonfire evening was a disappointment. There wasn't an organised display here last night so we enjoyed watching fireworks from the window - much warmer. The Aussie stuff is great. It works wonders with my unruly hair, I hope you enjoy using it. Fingers crossed you enjoyed a nicer evening with your knitting. X

  3. It has gone extremely cold here, I have heard lots of people saying about the fire work displays being disappointing . I think I remember seeing that on Supersavvy I think it was a prize draw ,not sure , any way well done you, have a nice cosy evening, I shall be doing the same but without the knitting x

  4. I have to say that Bonfire Night is something I definitely don't miss now my kids are grown. It's something I've never been fond of and I used to hate having to take them to the display. I think hot chocolate will have been the best thing for you, it's turned so cold.