Saturday, 12 March 2016

Eggs, Council Tax and Fitness Trackers

I always do a 'top up' shop on Saturday mornings.  I look at what money is left in the kitty, find out if the family are coming to visit over the weekend (they never know until Friday night! ) and then buy accordingly.  I had run out of eggs and scrambled eggs on toast often feature in the GC's request for tea so I bought these .....

They are free range (I refuse to buy battery eggs), from British farmers  (so support them too) and RSPCA assured so that I'm as sure as I can be that the hens are having a decent life.  They cost just 85p as they were mixed sizes but these all seem a decent size to me.  None will go to waste....

It's good to have the information regarding actually tracking where the eggs came from but I won't bother as I trust I'm not being misled...

When I got home the postman had been but this was all I had received :/  The Council tax bill...

It has increased by £22 on last years bill which isn't too bad, as I was expecting more and had budgeted accordingly at £1155 so the extra will stay in the account for emergencies.  We pay by direct debit and our pensions go directly into the bank account to cover the bills anyway so that we rarely have any nasty shocks.....

Insurance is always the bugbear. Every year the car and caravan insurances shoot up in price bearing no resemblance to inflation whatsoever.  In  previous posts I explained about the good deals obtained by shopping around for car insurance, now it's the turn of the caravan.  The Caravan Club renewal is requesting £253 but comparison sites have come up with £200 and a few pence so if CC can't match it they will lose our business for that too.  It's too big a difference to just go with it. By just going with the renewal requests we would have spent an extra £213!  Far too big a sum to ignore or be lazy about.  Yes, it takes effort, but it's worth it in my view.  That's 2 weeks pension for me!!! Or a whole month's food shopping and more!!!

Health and Fitness

The Nuband tracker my DD bought me for mothers day has come in very useful.  I have worn it constantly (except in the shower as it's not waterproof) but I have found a glitch; it doesn't track steps unless you swing your arms as you walk :/  Yesterday was such a lovely day that we got the village bus into town and had a good brisk walk.  My tracker showed 5,174 steps but OH's phone showed 7,158.  It dawned on me that I was the one carrying the shopping so my arm with the tracker was often straight down by my side holding the bag handles...doh!  It has shown, however, that I often do nowhere near the recommended 10,000 steps per day and I need to work on that.  It tracks sleep too and I have discovered that if I watch the late night news my sleep is more disturbed than if I go to bed without watching it.  Game over...I will NOT watch late night news and worry about the state of the world during the night.  My worrying will not change anything.  Deep sleep here I come......

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whatever you have planned.  Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. How interesting that you have disturbed sleep after watching the news! There's never anything good on there, is there? We need that 'And finally.....' bit of good or funny or heartwarming news they used to have, ages ago, back again.

  2. I received a Fitbit for Christmas and like you I only take it off to shower. I have found that the only time my steps don't get counted is when I am pushing a shopping cart. I have no problem when my arms are straight down or when I have my hands in my pockets, which is most of the time! We also found that I would have less steps than my husband. His are counted on his iphone. What we did notice though is that he takes smaller steps than me-he has bad hips. So even though we were walking the same distance he was taking more steps!! I have only gone over 10,000 once, we usually manage somewhere between 6-8,000.

    1. Oooh, I never gave a thought to the size of the steps. OH is taller than me but perhaps he doesn't stride out as much as I do on a good day. Food for thought....thank you!

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