Monday, 7 March 2016

On Mothering Sunday and Monday Bargains

Since yesterday I feel a little more uplifted. Three caring people left comments on my blog post and DD and her family took me out for a lovely Mothering Sunday lunch.  They bought me my first ever floating balloon :)

And a fitness tracker!  There are numerous bloggers at the moment debating how to lose weight and get fitter and I was thinking along the same lines over the last week or so.  This tracker will count my steps, calories burned, beep when I have reached my target number of steps and track my sleep patterns.  I'm hoping that getting fitter will mean that I will feel stronger mentally too.  There's no way that I can run but more walking will figure largely in my new regime.  The sun is shining and Spring will not be far away.  By the way, have you ever tried photographing your arm using the camera on a tablet?  It's not easy..... lol...

We did the 'big' shop this morning and I spotted these at £2 for a pack of 9.  They are great value and feel good quality too.  If they are still around next week I'll buy another pack (mental note to self...I must sort out a storage cupboard for these kinds of bulk buys) it will save money in the long run.

The company is also involved with tree planting and the Woodland Trust.  At least £80,000 per year will be donated to the Trust from sales of Nicky products.  This fits in quite nicely with my year of 'Do More Good'.......

Since reaching pension age I seem to suffer more heartburn (nothing to do with my cooking, honestly!!) and have been taking Gaviscon at night.  It's really expensive so I have decided to try Morrisons own version which cost £1.88 as opposed to £3.89 for a small bottle.  I could get similar stuff free on prescription now but I know that the NHS is hard pressed financially and don't want to drain resources on something (in my view) trivial.  Lets hope this stuff works, it will save me a fortune :/

At the checkout I was handed a voucher for 5,000 loyalty points if I spend £40 on the next shop.  The points are worth £5 but I will have to consider whether or not I actually want to spend £40.  I won't do it unnecessarily.....

Well.... it's wonderfully sunny at the moment and I have washing blowing on the line.  Doesn't it smell good afterwards?  OH has just planted my seed potatoes in a big tub and I need to have a think about what else we have space for.  Anything we can eat will be great but we must think about the watering aspect.....whilst we are off in the caravan later in the year the plants will need to be either self sufficient or able to be watered by drip feeding from plastic bottles.  Hmmm.....I'll let you know.....

Clear skies will probably mean frost tonight so wrap up warm! Thanks so much for popping in, I really appreciate it x


  1. Glad you are feeling better, I want to concentrate on getting fitter, I am still a 12 but the early menopause and the tablets which I have to take for 5 years cause weight gain, I have put on a few pounds and I must shift them,I shall eat my mothers day treats in moderation, I am currently use those loo rolls, very good value.xx

  2. Pleased to hear you are feeling much better. I got a fitbit for Christmas and I love it! It really makes you do more steps, I join in challenges with my friends and they are good fun.
    I bought some of those loo rolls this morning. We have been usi g them for a couple of years now, I get them from Home Bargains 18 for £3:99 they also do the kitchen rolls at 3 for £1 I think they are excellent value x


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